The amazing effects of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy attracts more than 550,000 curists each year. It must be said that it has evolved a lot and in particular over the past ten years. “It has been the subject of numerous trials and scientific publications, in which its curative and preventive role has been demonstrated in numerous pathologies (fibromyalgia, burn-out, psoriasis, etc.)” specifies Professor Christian-François Roques, Chairman of the Scientific Council of Afreth *. It is a scientific and complementary medicine which represents only 0.16% of Medicare expenditure. Hydrotherapy therefore has its place in the therapeutic arsenal.

Alzheimer’s disease: boosting emotions

This disease, which causes deterioration of memory and cognitive faculties, affects both the patient and the loved one. Doctor Alain Dyan, psychiatrist and president of France Alzheimer (64) has created with the team of therapists from Cambo-les-Bains, a cure to relieve the caregivers and caregivers. Singing workshops (shared with other curists), creation (patients made a jewel that they gave to their partner), dietetics (different and adapted according to the group of patients), reflexology (patients and their loved ones have massaged alternately, an important moment insofar as the touch is more complicated), initiation to hypnosis and sophrology, spa treatments … For the specialist, even if memory is impaired, patients still feel emotions , which it is important to revive, by means other than language.

Alzheimer’s Respite Cure in Cambo-les-Bains – 4 days / 12 treatments, € 249 per person in a double room and half-board.

Tinnitus: deflecting “ghost” noises

Buzzing, whistling, hissing, sizzling…, the majority of tinnitus results from an aging of the inner ear or a dysfunction of the auditory nervous system. A phenomenon which “handicaps” more than 16 million French people. Dr Jacques Juda, ENT, has developed a treatment that includes hypnosis, relaxation therapy, yoga, qigong sessions, an individual psychological interview and 4 thermal treatments per day. “It is not a miracle treatment” specifies the specialist, “but the cure will allow tinnitus to take a back seat”.

Tinnitus cure in Cambo-les-Bains, 6 days / 30 treatments – from 400 €

Burn-out: regain vitality

Far beyond exhaustion and depression, too much stress makes you feel like you are “burned out”. The thermal water of Bagnères-de-Bigorre (65) has relaxing, antispasmodic and analgesic properties, very effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders and mental fatigue. Support at the “stress school”, an interview with a psychologist, relaxation, massages, adapted spa treatments offer a very complete program to rebuild yourself.

Sereni’therm Cure, from 150 € without accommodation,

Obesity surgery: better about yourself

Over 45,000 obese people have undergone bariatric surgery. If the technique is mastered, it nevertheless has dermatological repercussions: skin problems linked to vitamin deficiencies, significant scars which are sometimes painful and inflammatory, very dry skin with redness and tightness. La Roche-Posay, spa center specializing in dermatology, has developed a post-bariatric surgery cure with skin care, dietetic workshops, physical activity with a medico-sports educator, psychological listening, relaxation … Cure “repair your skin », 3 weeks, € 574.50 (+ € 149 for dermatological consultation). Support from 65% to 100% depending on the mutual. Accommodation assistance can be granted by Social Security under conditions of resources.

Put an end to screens …

Leaving your laptop and other digital devices in the trunk is certainly the best way to take a real break and refocus on yourself. Even the room does not have a television but offers a choice of reading, music … The Digital Detox cure in Vichy Les Célestins also offers thermal treatments to optimize relaxation, meetings with a psycho-behaviorist, a sports coach and a dietician. From € 1,131 for 3 days / 3 nights half-board treatment.

* French Association for Thermal Research –

Prevent stress ailments with hydrotherapy

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