The basics of makeup. How to use a highlighter?

But in fact, if you understand and learn how to properly use cosmetics for the face, the highlighter will become a favorite tool in every woman’s cosmetic bag, along with mascara and lipstick.

This beauty product is used to brighten areas on the face to create radiant, healthy skin and give it a rested look. By highlighting the desired areas, you can even visually change the proportions of the face: make the nose shorter, the cheekbones higher, and the lips plump.

For the highlighter to start working wonders, it is important to follow these rules:

  • apply in a thin layer;
  • only on prepared skin, otherwise pimples, wrinkles and imperfections will be highlighted;
  • and only on certain areas of the face;
  • carefully shade the lines, make them smooth.

The highlighter can be applied according to the universal scheme “eyebrow-eyes-cheekbones”:

  • In the inner corners of the eyes – this will open the eyes and make them wide apart.
  • In the center of the upper eyelid – then the eyes will become voluminous, and this is important for deep-set eyes.
  • Under the eyebrow – this will raise and sharpen it.
  • On the cheekbones it is the best solution to give the skin a healthy glow.
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If you want to draw out the oval of the face, create a single forehead-nose-chin line. To do this, apply the highlighter in the center of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose and a little on the chin. But this will not work for girls with oily skin, because it will give shine to the T-zone.

To make the nose shorter, highlight the back without grabbing the tip. And do not shade the line too wide, this will visually expand the nose.

And to enlarge the upper lip, apply highlighter along its border. This will visually add volume, lift and align proportions with the lower lip.

In summer, apply the highlighter to your collarbone, shoulders or décolleté. This will help you look slimmer.

Always remember that the saying “You can’t spoil porridge with butter” does not work with this beauty product. Go too far with it and you will get an unpleasant “oily shine” on your face.

The basics of makeup.  How to use a highlighter?
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With the appointment of a highlighter and makeup technique sorted out, now it’s time to choose the right product. Today, every cosmetics store has a large assortment of these beauty products. And so that the eyes do not run up, and it is easier to choose and buy, we will analyze the features of each type of highlighter.

  • Liquid texture – they are convenient and easy to apply on the foundation before the powder sponge, brush or fingers.
  • Creamy textures – you should be careful with them, because they can be applied with stains and it is difficult to shade.
  • Pressed textures – the most popular because it is easy to use even for beginners. Apply with a brush on foundation or over powder. Convenient to take with you and touch up your makeup throughout the day.
  • Loose textures – capricious, they are more often used by professional makeup artists.

True, a highlighter is a cosmetic product that is easy to make friends with and use every day. It will take no more time to apply it than to tint the eyelashes. But the effect of healthy and well-groomed skin will delight you all day long. Shine, because you deserve it!

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