The best budget cosmetics that are not inferior to luxury counterparts

Tired of overpaying for a beautiful box or a loud brand name? Do you want, and should you, save on cosmetics during the crisis? But are you afraid that mass-market cosmetics will be “notoriously cheap”? Especially for you, Militta has prepared an overview of the best budget cosmetics for make-up, which are in no way inferior to the advertised luxury brands.

Makeup base

Make-up base is not always needed. If the skin is smooth without pronounced imperfections and peeling, it is quite possible to afford to apply the foundation immediately after the usual moisturizer is completely absorbed. If you need to do the perfect make-up, for example, evening make-up, then it is better to use a base. It will also be needed if there are visible imperfections on the skin.

Face oil can act as a base, but so that the makeup does not float within half an hour after application, choose two-phase products or serum oils. One such remedy is oil L’Oréal Paris “Luxury food”… Price? More than acceptable! It perfectly moisturizes the skin and saturates it with moisture. After applying the oil on your face, let it completely absorb, and if there is excess (although L’Oréal Paris “Luxury Nutrition” oil is absorbed perfectly), remove them with a napkin, and only then apply the foundation.

In the same price range and a make-up base Maybelline New York Master Prime… It not only perfectly moisturizes the skin and eliminates flaking, but also ensures good durability of the foundation. You need to apply according to the same principle: do not rush, let the base completely absorb. For about the same cost, you can buy oils and serums, as well as makeup bases from brands M.A.C Cosmetics, Smashbox, Manly Pro.

the best beauty products


The foundation should definitely be matched to the type of skin. For oily, choose liquid foundations that lay well and dry quickly. They usually contain some alcohol or similar ingredients that dry out and remove the shine. For dry skin, on the contrary, such a composition is unacceptable, therefore you need to take rich textures based on natural oils.

As for the list of budgetary funds, you can choose Maybelline Affinitone for dry to normal skin and Maybelline New York Superstay 24h for oily and combination. The second foundation mattes well, hiding imperfections and narrowing the pores, it is quite persistent, therefore it can be used for evening make up. The first is less durable, but it perfectly moisturizes dry skin and hides dry and flaky areas.

Another good foundation option with a light texture is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum… It is really budgetary, but it may well satisfy the requirements of both young skin, and quite mature, with the first signs of aging. Of the good foundation mass market class, the following can be distinguished: NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, Lumene CC Cream.


Many beauty bloggers who have repeatedly reviewed budget cosmetics disappoint us: very few powdery matting products in the mass market category can satisfy all the necessary requirements. After all, the powder should matte well, remove oily shine, complete makeup, but at the same time not clog pores and not create a mask effect. In any case, it is worth choosing crumbly textures, not compact ones.

Yes, compact powder is good to carry in your purse to touch up your makeup throughout the day. But this is where a huge mistake lies: applying powder layer by layer on a dirty face (from foundation, from sebum secretions during the day, and from dust and dirt from the outside) can lead to clogged pores and the appearance of irritations and acne … It is much better to use matting rice paper napkins for this purpose, for example from Mary Kay.

As for the powder, you can consider the option Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Powder… Yes, it is compact, but it is better to apply it not with the sponge that comes with the kit, but with a large wide brush for loose powder. So the product will lay down in a much thinner layer, the effect of a mask will not be created, but at the same time the enlarged pores will be well masked and the skin of the face will be evened out. Good mineral loose powders are also available from the chain brand Faberlic.


Choose for yourself a palette of eyeshadows in nude colors, which will contain both dark and light shadows, for example, from chocolate to light cream, or from dark graphite to pearl. This palette can be used for both daytime and evening makeup. If necessary, a thin, damp brush and dark shadows can be used to draw a clear line (like with a pencil or eyeliner) or even highlight the eyebrows. In short, the eyeshadow palette is versatile and worth the investment.

Although here you can save money. It is not at all necessary to choose expensive means. Quite good mono colors were seen at the brand Platform – here you have to choose two or three means from dark to light. Yet again, Maybelline New York – shadows The Nudes: it is a ready-made nude palette in different variations from the darkest (for brunettes) to light (for blondes). Cream shadows can be found in the performance of a volumetric pencil Oriflame – means The One.

Eyeliners and pencils

It is also a very versatile makeup option that allows you to use it for a variety of purposes. They can be pointed with arrows, shaded, replacing shadows, and emphasized eyebrows. For brunettes, you can safely use a black pencil or replace it with chocolate or dark graphite. For light-skinned blondes, it is better to use lighter brown and beige shades, gray, you can play with flowers – blue, dark green.

But sometimes you really want to draw a clear blue-black arrow! Here pencils from M.A.C Cosmetics and, oddly enough, from a brand specializing in clothing – H&M… Good pencils and u Maybelline (Master Drama), and the most accurate lines are obtained using their own gel eyeliner Lasting Drama… The only thing that you have to get a thin brush to draw a clear thin line.


Almost all beauty bloggers unanimously say that mascara is exactly the tool that is worth buying in the mass market! Any mascara, no matter how expensive it is, will not last more than 3 months. This is its official shelf life (it can be up to 6 months). But if you use mascara every day, then you are unlikely to be able to stretch it longer than 1.5-2 months. Moreover, no matter how tightly you twist the cap, the ink dries very quickly.

So why pay more? Among the cosmetics of the mass market there is an abundance of excellent mascaras for every taste and wallet, with any brushes – both classic and silicone, curved or straight, as well as in a variety of shades. Good examples: Vivienne Sabo Cabaret, Maybelline New York Lash Sensational or Great Lash Blackest Blackas well as options from the cheapest (Color Trend) to more expensive (Luxe) in AVON.

Lipsticks and lip glosses

Lipstick is something that no girl or woman can do without. Be it even a regular lip balm, but still you apply it several times every day. Nivea lip balms are perfect for the youngest and / or unpretentious ones: they are not only transparent, protective, moisturizing and nourishing, but also with different shades and with a pearlescent shine.

We noted the good durability of the lipstick at the chain brand AVON – here you can choose creamy textures, and pearlescent, and with a metallic sheen. And the best gloss in a huge assortment of colors and shades can be found at the Italian brand KIKO Milan – also at a very reasonable price. No stickiness, good hydration and glossy shine, what else do you need for perfect makeup?

Matte lipsticks, which conquered the beauty industry for several more seasons in a row, do not lose their popularity today. Remember that they are very dry lips, so before applying you need to scrub the skin of the lips and moisturize well. Decent matte resistant textures at a great price can be found at NYX Professional Makeup, Relouis, Nouba и Maybelline New York.

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