The best “collectable” toys

These miniature toys are a real hit with children. Pokémon, Lol Surprise, Cry Babies and Hatchimals … These games are often surprising and collectable, sometimes to gain more power in the game.

The collectible toys make a splash with children every year. We find the objects or collectible cards such as Pokémon, Beyblade tops or the Bakugan figurines, that allow children to organize fights, even spinning tournaments. Also, the one who has the strongest character can more easily win the game since he then holds full powers. These collection games are also traded in the playgrounds. This year again, the miniatures and the collectible dolls are a real success! Hatchimals renews itself with little glitter characters, the Polly pocket cross generations and blume dolls grow like little plants. Each time, the child is surprised to discover what is in the egg or the box, which is very popular. Discover our selection of collectable toys, and the novelties of the year, for inexpensive gifts, that will delight young and old.

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