The best fragrances for women over 40

Different women love different scents. Someone likes sweet fruity smells, someone likes spicy oriental ones, and someone is crazy about fresh citrus fruits. But in any case, each age has its own characteristics in the choice of perfume. offers a ranking of the best fragrances for women in their 40s: sophisticated, rich and deep fragrances, among which everyone will find something special.

How to choose a perfume for ladies over 40: basic rules

It is believed that perfumes for mature women should also be “mature”, more spicy, dense, powdery. But amid the abundance of sweet compositions, there is room for fresh, light, aquatic and fougere scents. It is necessary to select perfume not only on the basis of the “like-dislike” criterion, although it is, of course, the most important. But it is also worth considering such factors as the time of day when you plan to use perfume, the environment where you are going to “wear” this or that scent, the situation, and your style in general.

Classic olfactory compositions consisting of a pyramid of top, middle and bottom notes would be a win-win. These are good for daytime use as long as they are not overly cloying and intrusive. For business ladies and office environments, it is worth choosing lighter, herbal, fougere compositions. Some people like citrus notes for even more freshness. Others are used to calm traditional flower bouquets.

For evening use, for a ceremonial exit or a date, it is definitely worth choosing something more gourmand, sweet, rich, spicy. These will be oriental compositions using fruits, spices and spices, as well as exotic flowers. They are so seductive and attractive, such perfumes are also suitable for use in the cold season. But for daytime use in the office or on hot summer days, it’s best not to use them.

The best perfumery fragrances

It is also worth paying attention to the persistence of the aroma. For the day and summer, it is better to choose colognes and light eau de toilette. For evening use – eau de parfum or oil elixirs, they are more persistent and saturated. And do not forget that the same spirits can “play” on different people in completely different ways. Therefore, do not buy a fragrance on someone’s advice, but be sure to try it on your skin to get that original and unique fragrance.

As we said above, each woman has her own personal preferences in choosing a scent. But according to statistics, it is these perfumes that women over 40 most often buy around the world. Here is their rating with a detailed description. Take a closer look, perhaps there are some of your favorites!

“J’adore” by Dior

These are exactly the perfumes that we called classic. Created by perfumers of the famous brand back in 1999, they still do not lose their relevance and are loved by many. A very warm and sunny aroma, sweet enough but not sugary. Perfect for spring and autumn days or summer evenings. Unobtrusive, and therefore it can be safely used even in those cases when you are sitting in an office surrounded by many people.

The floral bouquet of Dior’s J’adore fragrance consists of delicate damask rose, white jasmine, orange blossom and Indian tuberose. Flowers are perfectly complemented by sweetish apricots and peaches. The composition also contains notes of oriental ylang-ylang, which adds warmth and light.

How to choose a scent

“Treasure” and “Treasure Night” by Lancome

Fragrances from the famous cosmetic brand “Lancome” are also liked by many, and especially by women over 40. In fact, the brand has a fairly large selection of “adult” fragrances, very refined and elegant, emphasizing the sensuality and style of their owner. One of these is Tresor, which is quite sweet, but at the same time tender. They are well suited as a daytime perfume, but for an evening out, you should also buy their “night” version, which is called “La Nuit Tresor”.

Perfume for women over 40

The composition “Tresor” is dominated by delicate floral notes: rose, jasmine and violet, and they are complemented by sweet fruits (pear, nectarine, peach). Citrus bergamot adds lightness to the aroma, and cedar and musk add refinement. At La Nuit Tresor, the floral bouquet is complemented by an orchid, while the fruit is complemented by strawberries and passionfruit. And there are even more spices here: vanilla, coffee, patchouli, licorice and even incense.

Tresor perfume by Lancome

First Day Nina Ricci

Many people really like Nina Ricci perfumes, but most of them are still young girls. Playful sweet compositions with bright fruity notes really attract young people. But Nina Ricci also has scents for mature ladies. One of these is “Premier Jour”: an exquisite floral composition that is also quite warm and slightly powdery. Perfect for the cool season, will emphasize the seductiveness and softness of its owner.

Flowers are heard brightest in the fragrance: green peas, tart orchid and sweet gardenia. They perfectly combine with fresh citrus notes of mandarin, and woody notes give the composition “adulthood”: sandalwood, wood resin, musk and sweetish vanilla.

Perfume for women over 40

«Euphoria» от Calvin Klein

One of the most popular Calvin Klein perfumes loved by women of all ages. There are a huge variety of versions of the scent “Euphoria”, ranging from delicate and powdery to oriental and spicy. But they all have one thing in common – black orchid and violet, as well as musk and amber, which in different versions are complemented by other flowers and fruits.

We suggest you try the classic “Euphoria”, released in 2005, in a silver bottle with a pink insert. Sensual notes of orchid, lotus and rose hips are intertwined in it, which are successfully complemented by pomegranate, musk and amber. The perfume is more winter than summer and is more suitable for an evening out.

Perfume for women over 40: how to choose a fragrance

Lig Elige от от Mary Kay

Some of the same classic fragrances, which are built according to the traditional three-tiered scheme. These perfumes are more restrained than those described above, they will perfectly fit into office everyday life, but they can become an indispensable addition to a romantic date. Elige by Mary Kay is a French classic that in many ways resembles the legendary fragrances from Coco Chanel: stylish, elegant and very sophisticated.

The first notes are peony, lily and freesia, complemented by camellia, tuberose and white jasmine. The perfume is quite sweet precisely because of this bouquet, although from the fruit notes there is only tangerine. Ylang-ylang, vanilla, amber and tonka beans add sophistication and refinement to the aroma.

Perfumery after 40

«Poison» by Dior

One of the most beloved perfumes of the legendary Madonna is, of course, Poison by Dior. As with Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, there are many variations of this fragrance, from lighter to spicy and even sugary. These perfumes are very controversial and even provocative, especially their version of “Hypnotic Poison”. It is impossible not to notice them, and not everyone likes them. But on those women who paid attention to them, they reveal themselves with a real sensual explosion.

How to choose a scent

It is best to use Dior Poison for special occasions and evening celebrations. They will ideally fit into an exquisite social event and a bright and noisy party in a nightclub. Wild berries and ripe plum are successfully combined with coriander, anise, cloves, cinnamon and incense. A very unusual combination!

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