The best haircuts for thick hair without styling

Happy owners of thick hair are incredibly lucky, because with such a volume of hair, you can make almost any haircut and hairstyle. The only thing that is required from representatives of the fair sex is not to make a mistake with the choice of a professional stylist and choose exactly the hairstyle that will perfectly emphasize the image and make the curls more neat.

Caring for heavy, thick hair is not an easy task.
Based on the advice of the best parikmehers-stylists, we will help you in the selection
we will tell you about the rules of care for heavy hair.

Features of thick and heavy hair


A thick head of hair is not only beautiful, but also permanent
high-quality care is required. To make your hairstyle look beautiful, certain
the rules of care must be applied daily, care products will help in this
for hair from professional cosmetics lines. To better understand
features of thick hair, let’s talk about its characteristics in more detail. So:

  • first, the concept of “thick hair” is defined by their
    density. It is calculated based on a large number of hair bulbs,
    which are located on 1 square inch of the head (calculated by more
    than clear measure-2.5 cm);
  • the second is the weight of the hair. Such hair does not
    not only do they look thick and very voluminous, but they also weigh a lot. For this
    very reason the reason why, with the wrong care or incorrectly chosen haircut, such a chic
    the MOP will look sloppy. not well-groomed or neat.

Important! The most important thing that you need to consider all owners of thick hair – is the selection of a good stylist-parikmahera. Only a competent master with many years of experience can not only help you with the selection of hairstyles, but also explain in detail how to take care of it in the future.

Most modern masters prefer not to bother
with the selection of a haircut that is optimally suitable for a thick head of hair. They use
versatile hairstyles, such as quads, ladders, or layered haircuts
cut curls of different lengths. We, in turn, will offer you much
more more options for haircuts that will lighten the weight of the hair and make the image
more harmonious.

How to choose the perfect haircut for thick hair?

What is it, the ideal hairstyle for the owners of thick
hair hair? First of all, you need to decide on the type of face and only after
instead, we move on to the other, equally important factors that affect
selecting a haircut.

Reference. An experienced hairdresser will choose the best hairstyle option for you, based on such parameters as the shape of the face, structure and density, length, mass of hair. This way, you can create not only the most winning image, but also emphasize all your advantages, while correcting your shortcomings as much as possible.

Choosing a hairstyle by face type

So that the result of the stylist’s work will please you and even lead
you to the first thing that you should rely on is your face type. This approach to
the job can only be performed by a professional hairdresser or stylist who
already has theoretical knowledge about the construction of a regular shape
hairstyles on the client’s head and can perform them in practice. Only in this
case on the condition that the master can correctly select the volume and length of curls on different
levels parts of the head. He needs to clearly understand where to add volume, and where to increase it it
is necessary to remove, making the hair easier, and the overall image is more harmonious.

  1. Owners of a round face and thick, heavy
    hair it is recommended to use hairstyles that visually correct the shape of the hair
    faces and narrow it down. The main part of such haircuts – hairstyles for elongation.
  2. For those with a square face, hairdressers
    they use different techniques with the use of asymmetry, or Vice versa, with the maximum
    possible smooth lines in the transitions between the transitions of the length of curls.
  3. Owners of the fair sex with an oval
    face the face in this regard is the easiest of all, because for this form of all haircuts
    they will fit and emphasize the elegant shape. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kare, Bob, or
    bold pixie haircut.
  4. Triangular face shape – in General, haircuts are possible
    use almost any of them. The only requirement is to avoid long or
    short hair straight bangs. It can not only distort the visual parameters of the face, but also
    violate the integrity and harmony of the entire image.

For heavy hair


Almost every member of the fair sex with thick
hair he knows that such hair is not only very beautiful and voluminous, but also
quite heavy. It would seem that the disadvantages of such chic hair, as such,
and no. But this is not the case.



Important! The main disadvantage of such a head of hair is the weight, which does not allow curls to be voluminous, especially if it is about straight hair.

The stylist’s task in this case is to
lighten the mass of curls, give them an airiness and extra volume, and so
on. a shape that will last without a ton of styling and styling products, and
also on which you do not have to spend several hours of time to bring it
in order.

For curly and frizzy hair

An experienced master with good experience and long-term practice will also help you cope with this task. In fact, choosing a haircut for thick, heavy and curly hair is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The main task of the hairdresser in this case is to take into account the structure of the hair and curls, and only then, together with the client, find the optimal option that will look most advantageous.



The ideal haircut for such hair can be either a short hairstyle or a haircut with long hair.

  • if you have curly hair with large curls
    the hairdresser will be inclined to choose a haircut with an extension or variations of the Bob;
  • small, springy curls, it is better not to cut
    in short, it will look sloppy. Small curls will stick out in
    the middle different sides and it will take a lot for them to be laid and put in order
    it’s a matter of time. In this case, the optimal length option is shoulder-length or slightly lower.


A life hack of the master’s choice for haircuts on thick, curly hair

At first glance, the advice may seem obvious, but it is not
think about this option when we proceed to the choice of the master.

Choose the perfect haircut options will easily be able to only the
one a wizard who works with them all the time. Another alternative criterion for at
the discretion of the master – choose the hairdresser who also has curly hair.
He probably knows what nuances exist in different hairstyles, and for sure
I tried a lot of options on myself before settling on the most
appropriate ones appropriate.


Wizards who often encounter problems in their workflow
curly locks – they know more about them. They can not only help you in
choose a hairstyle, but also tell about all the nuances of care and styling.

Important! Clearly and clearly state to the stylist what you would like to see in the final result of collaboration. Also, tell us how much time you have for styling in your daily life. This criterion can also affect the final version of the hairstyle.

Short haircuts for thick hair

We are considering the most relevant and effective options
haircuts for thick hair on a short length.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki23


Square, or a classic version for almost any hair and
for all occasions. Classic variation of this haircut with a straight or oblique
the cut will look harmoniously on both straight and curly
hair hair. You can experiment with bangs, just like with the cut-off line
. length. This hairstyle will make it possible to lighten the weight of the hair as much as possible and make them
look beautiful light and voluminous.

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki21
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki24


Important! Straight bangs should be avoided by ladies with a round and square face type. You should also experiment with the length as carefully as possible. Girls with a short neck are recommended to choose a shoulder length of at least.


A great option for those who are not afraid to experiment with
the appearance and shape of the hairstyle. The number of variations of the hairstyle will give a good result
overclocking for the master’s imagination and taking into account the individual characteristics of each
the client.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki25Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki27

Bob-Bob with asymmetry, for a lengthening – all of these options
they will look simply stunning on the owners of thick hair. But also
this is not all, because another important advantage of such hairstyles is minimal
the time that you will spend caring for them and styling, both daily and daily
and for festive events.


A bold option, which, like the previous ones, can be safely
used call it universal. This hairstyle can afford the owners
the fair sex with any face shape. The main task of the hairdresser in this case –
take into account the individual characteristics of each client and only then
start selecting the best option for pixie haircuts.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki28
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki29
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki30

This version of the hairstyle for thick hair provides
the minimum cost of the installation process, and in most cases it is not
necessary at all missing, because the length of curls is minimal, which means for a simple and stylish
styling is enough to ruffle your hair with your hands while drying with a hair dryer – and the hairstyle
is done ready.

Ideal haircuts for thick medium length hair

Owners of medium-length curls also have something to choose from
choose. We consider the most popular options, show the photo successfully
completed works.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki31
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki32


A haircut that involves torn strands
different cross-section lengths. Thanks to the technique of execution, the hairstyle becomes more airy,
stylish and easily creates additional basal volume. The hairstyle fits
absolutely all representatives of the fair sex, regardless of age
categories, wardrobe styles, and face shapes.

Asymmetric Bob

One of the most popular varieties of Bob hairstyle is Bob
with an asymmetry. This haircut is easy to care for and style. One of the most characteristic
features of performance – it is a different length of the main mass of hair in the temporal area
in the zone, on both sides. At the same time, the length of curls on the back of the head is often short
it is trimmed, which creates a good volume.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki33

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki34


Reference. This variation of the haircut is very easy to correct problem areas in appearance or balance the features of the face, visually improving the image and shape of the face. A high forehead in this case can be corrected with oblique bangs with elongation.

With long bangs

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki35

A winning accent in the image of a girl with thick and heavy hair
curls can become such a detail as bangs. It can be straight, oblique with
elongated, multi-layered, milled, torn, semi-circular – in one word
any. The main thing is that it resembles your type of face. A good master will help
you to choose the kind of bangs that will look the most harmonious and

With short bangs


The option of a haircut with short bangs will also become
an additional beautiful accent in the image. However, it should be taken into account that such
a system bangs are not suitable for many girls. Remember that short bangs are visually
appealing increases the nose and increases the eyes. In addition, it also shifts the emphasis from
hair on the Central part of the face. Owners of a high forehead this option

Haircuts for thick long hair

From what options you can choose a hairstyle for the owners of not
not just thick, but long enough hair? I share the opinion of a professional
stylists and show photos.



Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki39 1
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki40 1
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki41 1Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki42
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki43

This haircut is perfect for the owners of a round or round face
square face. The technique of execution provides for alternation of different levels
strands around the entire perimeter of the head. Slices are made at an oblique angle. Strands
they stand out on the General background of hairstyles with separate “feathers”, which gives even more
volume curls and visually Slims the face.


Today, haircuts with elements of graduation
they are in demand among modern stylists. Such haircuts, like cascading ones,
they can hide imperfections in appearance, visually correct the shape of the face, and
maximize the advantages of its owner. Hair texture, in
in this case, it will be well highlighted and the volume will be highlighted as much as possible.

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki45
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki47
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki49


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki52

At the end of the list of the most spectacular hairstyles for long and
curly hair thick hair – a ladder, of course. A classic option for all occasions.
Universal, which will suit every member of the fair sex. Do you want
one make curls light, voluminous, spend less time on styling hairstyles?
Then this option is what you need.


Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki55
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki57
Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki58

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki56

Luchshie Strizhki Dlya Gustyh Volos Bez Ukladki59


TOP 3 products for styling thick hair

Only the owners of luxurious, heavy and thick hair
they know how difficult it is to take care of her, and how much time it takes. But
with our styling products, you will definitely forget about the time when
they spent enormous effort and time resources on fighting with their hair.

  1. Spray wax Wax Blast 10 from Redken-helps to cope with the static effect and excessive fluffiness of curls. it has a light texture, does not weigh down curls, makes them voluminous and matte. The product perfectly structures the hair, and is also ideal for smooth styling.
  2. Perfect styling cream Crème de la Crème by Kérastase is the best option for styling products that make hair more manageable, silky, pliable, soft, protects porous hair from moisture absorption. when used on curly hair, it will help to give them a neat appearance in minutes.
  3. Steampod care cream for thick hair from L’oréal Professionnel – this rich cream is suitable for use on straight hair, as well as on springy curls. The composition of the cream helps to smooth the curls, make them more pliable, more soft and shiny. An additional advantage of the product is that it acts as a protective one, which protects the hair from heat exposure (irons, curlers, hair dryers).

Still struggling with heavy hair? Choose the appropriate one
option – and go ahead, for a new image!


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