the best images of Victoria Beckham in black

How to independently compose an image in total-black – a photo of the best images from Victoria Beckham for 2019.

A fashionable look based on black cannot be called boring if Victoria Beckham collects it. The designer’s style has become consciously more feminine and laconic over the past few years. In her fashionable arsenal there is a sufficient number of things in a radical black color. These are not only basic wardrobe items, but also romantic blouses, laconic tops, and black chic dresses. Therefore, the images of Victoria Beckham in total black are created to inspire.

Designer Victoria Beckham in a black long dress

Black has never gone out of fashion. Therefore, we have collected several images of Victoria Beckham to show how to look good in total black. In addition, such images can be composed independently, with the most basic things and, if possible, combined with each other.

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One black color

Victoria Beckham wins much more when her appearance on the way out consists only of black or its shades. For example, while attending one event within the framework of fashion contests, Victoria chose a minimalistic black dress. It emphasized her slenderness, grace, extended silhouette. And open-toed over the knee boots have brought a playful touch to the total black look – which has been especially popular in recent seasons.

Victoria Beckham in black dress

But, if you yourself combine an outfit in monochrome, then some distinctive detail, in the form of shoes / belt / scarf / bag, never hurts.

Floor-length dress pants and black blouse looks

Victoria Beckham replaced the usual classic shirt with a light blouse with ruffles and it’s another matter – the look for a party in London does not look boring at all. You can do the same trick. For example, if you wear a top on one shoulder with black trousers, a blouse with open shoulders (back) and other “unusual” top in black.

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Victoria Beckham in black total bow

Black jacket, trousers with slits, top and pumps to match

If you don’t have long trousers with slits yet, buy urgently. This model of trousers is a favorite with designer Victoria Beckham and is a micro trend. In combination with a black jacket and lingerie-style top, they look very stylish, but all items can be worn separately. Such a tandem of things will not allow you to go unnoticed even in a strict total black look.

Victoria Beckham fully dressed in black

In other words, we advise you to follow the example of Victoria Beckham. Try to repeat some of her images, when the mood color is black – the soul asks for total black.

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