The best sunscreen for children, according to Test Achats

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When the sun comes out, we must have the reflex to brush ourselves with sunscreen. And this is all the more true for children, who have much more sensitive skin. It is therefore necessary to use a product which has proven itself.

To protect the skin of the little ones, you should turn to a minimum SPF 50 cream, which protects both UVB rays (responsible for sunburn and most skin cancers) and UVA rays (which accelerate the skin aging and increase the risk of cancer). Remember to apply this cream every two hours. But which one to choose? Test Achats conducted a study to find out which are the best sunscreens that can be found on the market.

Sunscreens tested and approved?

Test Achats analyzed 37 sun creams: sprays, bottles, SPF 30 or 50… Everything was scrutinized! Result: if 31 of the creams were deemed effective, 6 of them are singled out for not respecting the SPF or the UVA protection index mentioned on their packaging.

Another observation: the products bought in supermarkets turn out to be of as good quality as those found in pharmacies. Neither the price of sunscreen, nor where it is sold are therefore signs of effectiveness. “No need to go for expensive products. Better to use an inexpensive sunscreen product to be applied generously and regularly, than to be parsimonious with a cream that will have cost the eyes of the head ”, underlines the Belgian association.

Thus, in the SPF 50 category, it is the sun spray for children of the Cien brand which rose to the top of the podium in terms of protection. This is the product that will be in every parent’s bag this summer!

Cien sun spray for children SPF 50, 5.99 euros, on sale in Lidl stores.

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