The bread diet: how does it work (and does it work?)

Let’s dispel a false and dangerous myth: carbohydrates are not enemies of the line. There is also the bread diet, formulated by the Israeli nutritionist Olga Raz, according to which bread can be eaten every day during meals, as long as it is chosen in its healthier variant, that is whole wheat.

Although there are many who mistakenly eliminate them from the diet, carbohydrates are instead fundamental for a healthy and varied diet, and must be present in a balanced diet, including slimming.

According to the bread diet, you have to choose the best type of bread: that is fresco, not on tape, and in its version whole wheat.

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Is bread good for you?

Wholemeal bread, compared to that made with refined flours, is less caloric, richer than fibre, vitamins and minerals, and capable of reducing the absorption of fats and sugars. Its glucose supply is essential for the brain and liver, while a part is transformed into energy. By eliminating carbohydrates from the diet, not only will we not have an aid in weight loss, but we will have much less energy, constipation and some organs will suffer.

Does bread make you lose weight?

While the name of this diet is promising, he will certainly not be able to offer excessive quantities of bread, which will be consumed in moderation according to the daily needs of each. For this reason you can’t follow one DIY diet, but we must always contact the nutritionist, so that he studies our specific case and our dietary needs.

Some rules to follow during the bread diet

Meals are divided into 5 moments of the day, where there is always a slice of bread, to be combined with proteins, vegetables and fats; in few days alternate unlimited consumption of protein sources is foreseen; I’m alcohol is prohibited; is provided light physical activity of 30 minutes a day (even a walk, or climbing stairs); wholemeal bread can be replaced with rye bread or Wasa-type slices; the consumption of fruit is reduced to one a day; and that of sugars limited to one or two low-fat yogurts a day.


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