The color I need!

You want to cover your white hair

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Your few shy hair traumatize you and you want more than anything in the world to find a perfectly uniform color, except that there you are, you fear that the coloring will not take evenly over your entire mane … No anxiety, colorings are there for solve this problem which is no longer a problem! Bet on a permanent product (level III) and choose the color that makes you dream, nothing more, nothing less.

The must ? The exclusive Franck Provost brush application which allows a hyper precise application and which makes our life easier. Professional result guaranteed!

The right product: Permanent color by Franck Provost, € 6.49

You want to go for it

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The land of brunettes, redheads and brown hair! Easy for you! When you have an already rather dark base, you can easily afford beautiful golden browns, glazed, scandalously black browns, in short, you don’t have to worry about the far too light root which gives the regrowth a sloppy finish. . We therefore recommend a color that will sublimate your hair and offer you a new look while lightness.

The right product: Precision Foam Colour de John Frieda, 12,50 €

You want to clarify

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For blondes and light browns who are looking for a light sun effect, lightening sprays to apply to wet hair are the easiest solution. The trick is to use the hair dryer just after a few sprinkles to activate the effects faster. For a more intense result, you can obviously bet on all types of coloring as long as it is lighter than your natural shade. For brunettes and redheads, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice before starting to ensure optimal results.

The right product: Dessange Brightening Sun Blonde Spray, € 9.95

You want to give pep’s to your color

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No hair revolution for you, radical changes are definitely better for others. What makes you want is your color, only better. No more dull and dull mane, your hair you want shiny and full of vibrant reflections!

The right product: Casting Crème Gloss, L’Oréal Paris, € 11.13

You want to change your mind!

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And let’s go for a change that will give you wings! Have you fallen for a flamboyant red hair? Go ahead, go for it and keep in mind that the coloring you need will have to both bleach and color your hair, we immediately forget the tones on tones!

The right product: Garnier 100% ULTRA COLOR, 9,45 €

Once the right color is found, go for a new haircut.


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