The court does as it pleases


Credits: Intermède

The mind : An air of Parisian titi with this deceptively short cut.

The cup : Entirely tapered to keep as little volume as possible on the sides, it is adorned with mini heart-hooks at the back of the neck. The lengths of the top have been preserved.

WE love : The long bangs that are placed on the side.

Interlude Hairstyle


Credit: Vog

The mind : A lightness all in volume that plays with convenience.

The cup : It is worked bit by bit, respecting the volumes.

WE love : The tomboy side, softened by spikes that catch the light.

Hairdressing Christophe Nicolas Biot for Vog


Credit: Saint Algue

The mind : A cut à la Jean Seberg, in an almost white blonde.

The cup : A very tapered stylized short, with long locks on the top of the head, for more femininity.

WE love : Wax styling of hair pulled back to the front, which frames the face beautifully.

Saint Algue Hairstyle


Credit: Saint Algue

The mind : The short with curly hair is possible!

The cup : The cut is degraded and the lengths are tapered all around the face. The cinnamon and chestnut color brings spice to the whole.

WE love : The delicate notched waves that surround the face with a veil of softness.

Saint Algue Hairstyle

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