the coziest trend of winter 2020

Coat for those who want to look stylish even in the cold season

This season, Cheburashka coats are still among the favorites. A slightly awkward volumetric cut, candy or pastel colors do their job – no one will go unnoticed in such a coat on the city streets. Cheburashka coats have become an environmentally friendly replacement for animal fur coats: most often, such coats are made of high-quality acrylic, taktel, modal or other faux fur.

Max Mara was one of the first to popularize “Cheburashkas” in the fashion industry, and the trend was liked by many celebrities – Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Regardless of the color and model, a fur coat is an independent wardrobe item, so the image should not be overloaded with voluminous or extra-bright accessories. However, you don’t have to limit yourself in choosing shoes.: Cheburashka coat looks good with boots, ankle boots, and even trekking boots. This season, we advise you to pay attention to shoes with a square toe or high tractor soles. And if you like a more elegant look, then feel free to choose ankle boots with ruffles or chains. For those who do not like excessive volume in clothes and pass by the oversize that does not go out of fashion, stylists advise wearing a fur coat with a rough, spectacular belt or choosing a model with a wide belt.

For those in love with the casual style, we suggest paying attention to oversized cropped coats, and those who value luxury and elegance – to more glamorous and spectacular models. In our selection you will see options for every occasion and taste.

1 – Tela, 2 – Red September, 3 – Stan Studio, 4 – Max Mara, 5 – Marc Cain

6 – Anne Cotler, 7 – Gucci, 8 – Marc Cain, 9 – Dоrоthее Schumacher, 10 – Ines & Marechal

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