the criteria to be taken into account

Choosing the decoration of the church is a fundamental part of planning your wedding, but it is not as easy as it seems. We reveal all the tips to help you in this important step.

Before you embark on the church wedding decoration, many aspects are to be considered such as the choice of the church, its size, its architectural style, its light, its colors as well as the season of the year. Here are the elements to take into account for decorate your wedding church :

1 – The choice of the church

In 80% of cases, the bride and groom choose their church for celebration, giving importance only to the emotional part. Knowing in advance certain criteria such as size and style … could help you know if the choice you are going to make is really suitable for your desires. This does not mean that you do not need to have complex selection criteria, but by being informed in advance, you will be able to save time.

2 – The size of the church

The first aspect to consider is without a doubt the size of the church. The larger it is, the more it will need to be decorated, with therefore a larger budget for the interior floral decoration for example. A large church will therefore need adequate and proportionate decorations to have its scenic impact. Small decorations scattered around a basilica, for example, would only create a feeling of dispersion.

Large church, large decoration, small church, small decoration. A very simple rule with which you can never go wrong. So, size is the first thing you need to pay attention to, after you have had the first emotional impact that will lead you to choose the church of your heart.

3 – A wedding decoration according to the style of the church

The second important aspect is the style of the church. In France there are many churches built in different historical periods of Romanesque, Gothic or Baroque style for example. It is therefore necessary to design a floral pattern which will blend perfectly with the sacred place and your personal taste. In a baroque church for example, you will be in the theme if you use golden furniture and bright flowers. The essences of the Baroque period are peonies, lilies, roses, hydrangeas and the other flowers which together give a feeling of opulence. Don’t worry, this does not mean that if you choose a Baroque church, you will necessarily have to orient yourself towards a floral decoration in bright colors. Again, the floral construction should be in keeping with your personal taste.

Wild flowers hanging on the benches in the aisle of the church © maximkabb

4 – The color of the frescoes and the light of the church

If the spaces and the historical period are the central axis of the decoration of the church, the color of the frescoes and the light are no less important. The color of the flowers will blend with the frescoes thanks to the brightness of the place. This doesn’t mean that if you find frescoes that are predominantly blue, your arrangement will necessarily have to be blue. You should consider the colors in contrast or harmony according to your preferences. Must also examine the light to see if the church is bright or dark. Often, visits are made several months before the wedding. Be careful to think that a February afternoon will never be like a June afternoon. This will be an evaluation to be planned in advance. And then, the mistake made by the bride and groom is often the same. They think if the church is dark then they will have to brighten it with white flowers. It is a fair consideration, but not absolute. By using only white flowers, you could on the contrary exclude the possibility of using bright colors giving pep’s to your decoration. Candles can also accent and complement church lighting, thus making it magical and magical.

5 – Decorate the church according to the season of the year

When it comes to flower essences, it’s best to use what the season has to offer.

6 – Agreements with the parish priest

Last essential element, do not forget toestablish a relationship between the provider, the parish priest and yourself. Never underestimate the rules to follow when entering someone’s house, especially in a sacred place. Some churches, for example, prohibit the use of candles, even if they are protected by glass. So, get ready to get started decorating your wedding church?

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