The easiest and most fashionable set of summer 2020

In warm weather, it is best not to reinvent the wheel by making complex layered bows. The less clothes you wear, the better. Have you already mastered the life principles of minimalism? It’s time to move on to the wardrobe. Today we will tell you about the simplest and most fashionable image of the spring-summer 2020 season. The most interesting thing is that we have already seen it many times on the catwalks and paparazzi pictures in the 1990s. We are talking about a plain midi skirt and a contrasting T-shirt or polo shirt. Here’s your perfect combination for all three months of the heat, it will look harmonious both in a meeting in the office, when we can still leave the house, and on Friday night cocktails.

Kate Moss at the Prada Spring-Summer 1996 show

If suddenly coolness comes to the city, you can, following the example of Jennifer Aniston, put on a thin sweater (or Brad Pitt’s warming hand – suddenly there will be such an opportunity). But we still vote for the minimum of details. On your feet you can wear ballet flats that are fashionable this season, timeless birken stocks, clogs or fabric sneakers – again, in the best traditions of the 1990s. Choose skirts with an exceptionally straight silhouette and make sure that the material is suitable for the warm months, otherwise you run the risk of boiling alive or at least going crazy with itching and sweating.


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