The essential board games for all ages

Cluedo, Triominos, Monopoly, Villainous … Board games bring the whole family together. There are the essentials, and the novelties that entertain young and old. Which one to choose according to your age? Our selection to shop!

Nothing like a board games to occupy the children and bring together the whole family, whatever the generations. Children and adults alike have fun together and share moments of complicity around the same game. Unique moments that mark our childhood. Moreover, players often want to start over. “What if we did revenge?” They ask you. This year, board games are being renewed with the Monopoly Voice Banking for example, which after a version on French heritage or the special cheaters edition, incorporates voice recognition! Finally, some speed games like the Dobble Chrono always delight young and old, with parts punctuated by giggles. The goal of the game: find the common symbol between the cards, before your opponents.

Board games from 2 years old. Board games are not just for adults. Fortunately, brands offer them for toddlers from two years old. And for those who don’t like losing the game, there are even cooperative board games. My first Haba Orchard, for example, invites the little ones to collect the most fruit, all together, against the crow! In addition, when the children are part of the same team, it avoids arguments between siblings. The Lynx is also very popular with children, This must-have board game adapts to the youngest. The little ones learn to observe the pictures and will have to redouble their speed to be the first to spot the identical objects on the board. Finally, Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno or even Triomino remain essentials, for all ages.

For children from 7 years old, traditional card games like Uno are timeless. Last year, a version for little color blind (Uno ColorAdd) was released to help them distinguish colors better. Pictionary is also one of the board games that kids love. The objective is to make people guess as many words as possible on the card, by drawing. Finally, for older children from 9 years old, the famous Werewolf game will bring together the whole family, suddenly transformed into villagers. Who will take on the role of the dreaded wolf? Who will be really harmless? Players will only have one chance to find out. The plus: the game master is replaced by an app to download for free.

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