The harsh truth about relationships with a married person

And I love … married … No one plans to voluntarily get into a dependent relationship. It is unlikely that from childhood you wanted to fixate on someone, abandoning all your interests, suffer and wait for everything to change. But life rules differently.

Love for a married person has always been shameful, condemned by society, a taboo was imposed on relations with someone’s husband. That’s how we were raised. If you fell in love with a married man, you are a homeless woman, a destroyer of the social unit. But it happened: you are a mistress.

Will he ever leave his wife … and should you even want to?

The truth is that statistically only 3-5% of married men get divorced to marry a mistress. And the divorce rate of second marriages is 60%. And here’s another harsh truth you need to know about a relationship with a married person:

Your relationship has already started with problems

They are based on deception and dishonesty, which is definitely not a good start. You fell in love with a dishonest person – is that romantic?

Good husbands don’t cheat on their wives

They work on problems. And he will not magically turn into a good husband for you if he is already cheating on his wife. His behavior is part of his personality, no matter what his marital status is.

You live in fantasies

You only get the best side of it. You are probably always doing something enjoyable, fun, and romantic. They are always endorphins. You don’t know him in everyday life, you don’t have a complete picture. And if you knew all his habits, oddities and peculiarities, maybe you would not like him.

He may think that you are not suitable for him.

Yes, maybe you suit him now, in the status of a mistress, while he is married. But even if he divorces, it is not a fact that he will be with you. Then he will have many other options, plus perhaps he sees in you only a woman for comfort.

His family and friends may never accept you

You may be considered a homewrecker, especially if he has children. Even if he decides to marry you, are you ready for such an attitude? Are you ready for the hardships of his children?

If he has children, his ex-wife will forever remain in his life.

Do you understand this and are you ready for frequent meetings with her?

You may never be able to completely trust him

Deep down, you will still be afraid that he might start cheating on you. Are you ready to live with this fear?

You will be known as a mistress

Society has not yet gotten rid of stereotypes and still continues to stigmatize women in such situations. Everyone who knows about your relationship will still treat you like a homeless woman and mistress.

You can feel your guilt

If, due to a family discord, your man’s relations with relatives and children deteriorate, you may feel guilty about this, and no one knows where this oppressive feeling will lead you.

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