Marine plasma or Quinton water

It is impossible to evoke the virtues of marine plasma without speaking of René Quinton, a French biologist born in 1866 and died in 1925. The researcher has indeed discovered that the liquid in which our cells live, blood plasma, has the same composition that Seawater in terms trace elements and minerals. He then speaks of “Law of marine constancy”. Quinton has the intuition that this marine plasma can help the body defend itself against many ailments. After having carried out numerous conclusive experiments on animals, the biologist opened a marine dispensary where he treated children suffering from cholera.

The composition of marine plasma

Sea water is taken between 10 and 30 meters deep in the solar penetration zone, it must not contain any living organism. It is then prepared in a sterile environment, filtered and then cold sterilized so as not to alter its molecular balance.

Marine plasma: a forgotten remedy from a grandmother

Today, when we think of “sea water” we immediately think of physiological serum, a must-have for our medicine cabinets. Quinton water is marketed by a Spanish laboratory which alone has the authorization to use this name. But we find marine plasma under other names in many laboratories, including isotonic water or hypertonic water. It can be used in compresses, mouthwashes, poultices, nasal spray, eye solution but also in oral absorption. However, injection is no longer authorized in France.

The multiple applications of marine plasma

Quinton water is above all a great revitalizer for the body because it allows it to assimilate vitamins.

  • The hypertonic solution

Unlike Quinton’s marine plasma, the hypertonic solution is elongated with sterile mineral water. It is found in particular in most sprays intended to clean the nose and in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. But that’s not all ! Its richness in trace elements and minerals, especially in magnesium, makes it an ally of choice to fight against fatigue, overwork, stress but also to boost the body and promote the recovery of athletes. It is then recommended to consume it as a 21-day cure, in the form of ampoules.

  • The isotonic solution

This is real Quinton water, which has the same salt concentration as that of the human body. It acts in depth in the body and cells and is particularly recommended for the treatment of chronic dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. But it has also proven its effectiveness in relieving gastric disorders, in particular diarrhea, in particular because it allows optimal rehydration of the body.

When the sea heals

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