The holidays stress me out 5 plants to relax me

Against nervousness
Griffonia simplicifolia, 1, is the most powerful helper. In addition, it fights against insomnia. Who says better ? It is used in capsules (on sale in herbalist pharmacies), at a rate of 500 to 1000 mg per day, to be divided into three doses, morning, noon and evening.

Rhodiola Rosea was used by the Vikings to give courage! In equal proportion, we mix with tea, hibiscus, rooibos. With powdered ginkgo biloba (on sale in organic stores and herbalists), you have a drink that also invigorates memory.

Against anxiety
We use hawthorn. 1.5 g of dried leaves and flowers are immersed in 250 ml of water. Leave to infuse for 20 minutes in boiling water and drink 3 to 4 cups a day.

Anti burn-out
We opt for coriander, 100% stimulating. So we buy it fresh and we chisel it everywhere on salads, fish, potatoes, soups… we flavor it with olive oil. In seed, we grind it so that it is more fragrant.

Calming effect
The safe bet: linden, if you swear only by the classics, but then as a foot bath because they contain a multitude of nerve endings! At the rate of a handful of infused lime per liter of water. Add a few drops of lavender oil or 2 g of dried flowers to accentuate the calming effect and because it smells good. And we stay there for 15 minutes!

What about homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a gentle remedy to find the calm sea … but beware, there are around a hundred medicines available to practitioners. The order therefore depends above all on your land. However, you can try: Argenticum Nitricum if you are always in a hurry and irritable, Nux Vomica if you become aggressive, Gelsemium against stage fright or anxiety, Ammonium Carbonicum if you suffer from palpitations. All these products are taken in 9 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day.

Larousse of homeopathy under the direction of Dr Philippe M. Servais.

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