The longer the better: what kind of outerwear shouldn’t be short

How can it not? Maybe, of course. And it happens.

And it is sad that there are a lot of coats and raincoats stretched high over the chest, which immediately under the belt puff up the sides of the floor, and down jackets in combination with jeans on the hips, producing an unforgettable sausage effect. But now, at the turn of the season, I have a special hope that at least some of these lonely things will go on a well-deserved vacation without paying severance pay.

Such a wardrobe cleaning is very simple, and the effect will be amazing: as soon as you get rid of too short things and get the same thing, but at least knee-length, you will immediately like yourself in the mirror! In general, this is a guaranteed way to make a tangible wardrobe upgrade quickly and with visible results.

Let’s compare. I don’t know about you, but I already want to sob out loud and remember the immortal “So that our children do not fade away, please organize a nursery.” The nursery will be needed by women who still want to fit into the princess’s children’s coat, despite the fact that they have already passed 5 years. Princesses, let’s say, look cute:

But adult girls do not:

Now about the trench coat. Orphaned female students wear short trench coats. On this model, of course, all the necessary details (such as rows of buttons, a belt, ribbons on the cuffs) simply do not fit. And they do not fit correctly, because the trench coat must be long. Absolutely!

Well, the favorite down jacket in our region and aspiring to it jackets: the look is simply intimidating, and both in combination with trousers (jeans) and a skirt. Nothing will fix this model!

Well, and some more examples. Of course, this image (in the photo below) is all wrong, despite its quiet propriety. A great example of how to dress poorly without wearing any vulgar or unfortunate things. Mistakes are: too close color combinations, a lot of “rotten” shades, and most importantly-a short coat and boots with jeans. Voila: we have the type of guide-interpreter in a not-so-distant emigration (not the worst, frankly speaking, type, but we strive for significantly better, right?).

For example, so on. How simple and beautiful. And asymmetric serga, pay attention!

In general, we are inspired and do not share the pain, we choose similar short models.

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Wanda Wong, author of the Vandastyle blog

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