The magic of femininity, or how not to forget that you are beautiful?

We have already mentioned how difficult it is to be a woman in modern society. After all, we strive for gender equality and the abolition of gender, we no longer want to discuss what a real man should be and what true femininity is capable of. However, the guys are still greedy for female charm and are not going to give up so easily. Therefore, we tell you how to pump femininity!

? INhigh self-esteem

Poking your nose up and remembering that you are a real queen is sometimes useful. With the advent of Instagram, we completely forgot that everyone can be different and beautiful in their own way. Perhaps you do not have a 5th breast size, you don’t have wide hips and an even tan, your lips don’t resemble dumplings, and your eyebrows have not yet grown back after children’s experiments, but you have your own personal opinion, the ability to laugh at yourself and a sense of humor. You can always work on your appearance if you really feel uncomfortable, especially with regard to your physical condition. But what is inside is changing slowly and difficult, do not reshape your own “I” for others!

? ANDperfect man

Next to a confident, truly beautiful and individual woman, the stately man of her dreams always walks side by side. Yes, first you need to love yourself, and only then the same prince will burst into life. But in order to understand whether he is really worthy of attention, you need to define an ideal for yourself. Do not think that there is a person in the world who contains all the qualities of the best heroes of fairy tales about princesses and women’s novels. Choose at least three distinctive signs that you will look up to in the future.

If you see a confident, successful and strong man in front of you, remember that there should always be a fragile and tender girl next to him. She will never pull the blanket over herself and try to rule the world. This is primarily a companion and assistant, a contemplator, and not the head of the family. But you don’t need to remake yourself in order to get what you want. Just understand how to reconsider your views and whether it is necessary at all.

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