The main anti-trends of men’s fashion: stylist tips

Men most often pay little attention to fashion, and fashion reciprocates. But even not the most fashionable men are surrounded by women who care how their husband, friend or son looks.

What and how should a man not wear?

Shirt under a thin jumper

antitrends of men's wardrobe

A thin jumper with and without buttons, in itself, can be attributed to anti-trends. You cannot put it on a naked body, breasts will stand out. If you put on a tight shirt under such a jumper, then the jumper will repeat all the irregularities of the shirt, the image will turn out to be sloppy.

antitrends of men's wardrobe

It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of materials in multi-layered looks.

Either go for a tight jumper or a thin shirt for a neat look. In itself, the combination of a jumper with a shirt is not an anti-trend, but a classic.

Stylish examples

Old worn belt

Men's fashion

Many men have an old worn belt that they absolutely adore. He may be 20 years old, and he inherited from his grandfather. If you put on such a belt under beautiful jeans and shoes, the image will be spoiled. The main purpose of clothes is to make them look good on you, this also applies to accessories. If the thing is physically outdated, then you cannot wear it, especially if you are in a leadership position. Sentimental feelings need to be overcome in yourself.

Clothes tucked into pants and jeans

Bad style

The habit of tucking everything in your pants. With certain T-shirts and turtlenecks, this is the way to go. At fashion shows, some brands deliberately style images in such a way that they look provocative, attract attention, but in real life only supermodels can easily tuck sweaters into trousers and look stylish at the same time. If we are talking about a jumper or a loose T-shirt, then these clothes are worn over trousers.

You always need to understand which thing can be tucked into trousers, and which not.

Male style

You can fill up, without hesitation, a narrow T-shirt that fits the figure and a turtleneck. For the rest of the combinations, you need to understand how neat this top looks when tucked.

Bootcut & Skinny Jeans

antitrend men's fashion
antitrend men's fashion

If bootkat jeans, slightly flared to the bottom, are in the wardrobe, then you need to get rid of them. Opt for straight jeans. Skinny jeans are also not relevant. Skinny jeans can look normal, and even then not always, only on skinny guys, on a pumped up and full figure, they look ridiculous.

The main anti-trends in men's wardrobe

Mountain boots for every day

Sports shoes, mountain style. Some men like to choose boots for the winter that look like specialized climbing shoes, but in the city these shoes don’t even look like jeans. Denim gathers on top of a rough high edge of the boots, the image looks bad The best alternative would be classic timberlands.


antitrend men's fashion

Buying a bag for a man is a problem, most do not like bags and prefer backpacks, and for a business image they choose diplomats and purses. There are many bag options for men, especially for this season. But the purse is the king of anti-trend bags.

If you are used to wearing purses and do not want to part with them in any way, you need to choose and buy an unusual model. For example, a handbag, oriented vertically, without a metal fastener, but on a hidden magnet, and made of reptile skin. Replace the leather handle with a wide stainless steel Byzantine weave chain, and you get a comfortable, but unusual handbag.

There are really many options for replacing a standard purse. Ordinary purses are worn by gopniks and people stuck with their worldview in the 1990s.

Sports winter jacket

A sporty hiking winter jacket does not match a formal suit. Cold weather sets in and instead of wearing a beautiful coat, men choose a jacket because they are afraid of coats and trench coats, and they look gorgeous.

Male style

Men do not pay attention to details, they look at the silhouette as a whole or the combination of colors, but it is the details that can spoil the impression and make the image irrelevant.

If you like clothes that are labeled as anti-menswear, wear them. But if you feel at least a fraction of a doubt, then heed the advice and replace irrelevant things and combinations in your wardrobe with actual ones.

Author stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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