The main fashion trends spring-summer 2021

Due to recent events, the fashion industry has been very shaken, many brands have closed, and some have completely ceased to exist. The number of fashion shows has dropped, and fashion weeks are not as pompous as they used to be. But nevertheless, the designers are not discouraged, which is what they wish for us, and they also offer to look at their vision of the upcoming season.

And so, let’s take a closer look at what are the brightest trends of the upcoming season. For an overview of trends, we will not be limited only to the spring-summer 2021 collections. Everyone has a lot of things from past seasons at home, many of them will remain relevant. Therefore, knowing the trends will help you save money and be fashionable at the same time!

Resort style

Water theme, underwater world, color of the sea in light shades and applications of marine inhabitants. Apparently, many have missed the cote d’azur.

fashion trends spring-summer 2021

All shades of pink from pastel to vibrant fuchsia

Whatever shade you choose, feel free to dress from head to toe. And you can take different shades and it will turn out even more interesting.

Fashion trends 2021
Fashion trends 2021


Light flying dresses and tunics, airy blouses. Transparent fabrics are not the first season with us. A distinctive feature of this season is complete transparency, the main thing here is correctly selected underwear. Also, such options can be worn as a second layer.

Transparency in fashion 2021
Transparency in fashion 2021


Last season, crop tops were at the peak of popularity, in the coming season they are also not losing ground, but for the most daring, they are transformed into bras. Designers suggest combining them with trouser suits, skirts, wearing them over T-shirts, shirts, dresses.

The main fashion trends spring-summer 2021

All kinds of straps, strings, which date us to the late 90s – early 2000s. In general, this season, many designers have remembered the “zero”.


How we all got used to comfortable clothes. In 2021, we are invited to combine sweatpants with smart tops.

Openwork thingsmade using the cutwork technique. This trend can be traced in almost every collection of different designers.

Grid… I would call it a kind of accessory that can complement the image. You can also wear it as an independent wardrobe item, or you can complement your image by wearing it over some dense clothing. Here, the choice is yours.

Total white

In this spring-summer season, designers offer to dress not only in all pink, but also in all white.

Author: Elvira Stepanova – stylist-image maker (instagram stylemesi)
Photo: Pinterest


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