The main fashionable purchase of December is a New Year’s sweater

Cozy Christmas sweaters with prints and patterns create a festive and magical atmosphere. Why not become a part of this sweet tradition?

Where did the tradition of wearing a Christmas sweater come from?

The history of everyone’s favorite sweaters goes back to the 19th century: at that time, a sweater was knitted from natural wool for the purpose of heating, and such a thing was especially relevant for workers and peasants. At the beginning of the 20th century, athletes appreciated the sweater: skiers and skaters considered such an item of clothing not only warm, but also stylish. For the most part, the knitted thing was an element of the men’s wardrobe, and, of course, it was not without the process of feminization. In the 1930s, Coco Chanel introduced a new take on the sweater, showing female models, but the peak of popularization came after the legendary images of Marilyn Monroe.


The sweater became a New Year’s attribute of clothing in the middle of the last century: it was in the 50s of the XX century that Christmas decorations began to be actively popularized, and warm sweaters gradually became a symbol of the holiday. Later, things with New Year’s patterns begin to appear in the films “Love the Coopers”, “Meyers Christmas”, “A Very Murray Christmas” and others.

Scandinavian print

Today, sweaters with New Year’s prints are an essential attribute of the New Year’s atmosphere. On the eve of the holidays, shop windows are full of gifts, decorations, and among them cozy Christmas sweaters cannot be missed. Christmas sweaters are characterized by winter patterns in the Scandinavian style: snowflakes, trees, mountains, deer – all this creates a real atmosphere of celebration and comfort. For elegance and delicacy, choose sweaters with patterns in the collar area.

New Year prints

Choose for yourself sweaters not only with typical winter patterns, but also with full-fledged plot patterns. Ice skating penguin, Santa Claus with gifts, hurrying on business, smart Mickey Mouse … – the choice of prints is huge. Another trend is text prints.


Clear geometry

Parallel lines with alternating Christmas patterns can also be found in the new collections of the brands. Such prints harmoniously fit into the image and do not add frills, even in combination with voluminous jewelry.

Where to find a New Year’s sweater

A Christmas sweater can be a great gift idea. We have selected for you the most interesting models of this season.

1 – № 21, 2 – Oysho, 3 – Bogner, 4 – Giorgio Armani, 5 – Dolce & Gabbana,

6 – H&M, 7 – Zara, 8 – Sibling, 9 – Monki

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