The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

A sprain of the abdominal muscles is an insidious injury. Her cunning is her ability to go unnoticed. In some cases, a person feels severe discomfort, but the symptoms may be almost imperceptible. Everyone who cares about their health, especially girls and guys with poor physical fitness, should know about the symptoms of stretching the abdominal muscles and the treatment of this injury. From this article you will learn what degrees of severity are, how they manifest themselves, why it is so dangerous. We will talk about first aid for abdominal injury and preventive measures to protect against it.

The stretched abdominal muscles cannot be seen as this damage extends to internal structures. Stretching muscle tissue can lead to partial or complete tearing of the fibers. At the same time, people often feel discomfort, more or less severe pain. Any part of the press can be injured: the lateral, rectus, and posterior muscles of the peritoneum, which occupy the area from the top of the pelvic bones to the bottom of the ribs. The severity of the situation depends on the extent of the stretch.

Stretching ratios

Medical classification suggests three types of sprains based on severity. The condition and treatment depends on how severe the damage is.


Mild pain sensations may increase with intense physical activity. Most often, the injured person is unaware of his condition or suggests a different origin of discomfort. All unpleasant symptoms, if present, disappear after a few days. Treatment is not required, but if you allow physical overstrain, for example, go to a workout or lift a child in your arms, the degree will become more severe.


The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

Unpleasant symptoms are more pronounced, it is impossible not to notice the injury. With timely treatment for medical help, they pass in a couple of weeks. In this case, complete tissue restoration will occur no earlier than after 3-6 weeks, subject to the prescribed regimen. This is the period required for rehabilitation. If you do not pay enough attention to yourself, then a break will occur under load.


The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

This is a rupture, manifests itself in severe pain, usually felt on one side of the abdomen. The affected muscle structure loses its ability to contract. The reason for the rupture is excessive pressure on the abdominal walls. Most often, the connecting bridge is torn between the structures that together make up the abdominal cavity. Sometimes a rupture provokes a displacement of the abdominal organs. In such a situation, a surgical operation is necessary, it is performed immediately in order to avoid internal dysfunctions. Treatment and recovery takes an average of three months.

The reasons

The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

At risk for stretching the abdominal muscles, first of all, beginner athletes. They really want to exercise, but they don’t know about safety. The easiest way to get hurt is to start doing heavy abdominal exercises without doing a warm-up. Unheated muscle structures do not have sufficient elasticity and endurance, they easily tear.

In addition to the lack of warm-up, there are a number of negative factors that inexperienced athletes do not pay due attention to. If the chosen training program is too difficult, then even a good warm-up will not protect you from injury.

Therefore, the loads should increase gradually and only at the moment when the body is exactly ready for this.

You can not train in the cold, at low ambient temperatures it is difficult to keep the muscular system in a sufficiently warm state. Likewise, you cannot train by overcoming fatigue. If you are feeling tired, then your body needs rest.

The main reasons are:

  • too intense physical pressure;
  • performing twists at too high an amplitude;
  • lack of warm-up before training;
  • lifting weights;
  • doing exercises in the wrong technique;
  • muscle weakness;
  • pregnancy.

Girls during pregnancy and after the birth of a child risk no less than amateur athletes. The physical load on the mother’s body increases as the fetus grows, if she does not maintain herself in good shape, then the muscles may not stand it. After the birth of a child, he has to be lifted in his arms, and this is also a high load.


The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

This is an insidious injury, and its danger is in the absence of characteristic symptoms. The same signs can appear with other dysfunctions of the body. That is why only a specialist can confirm the stretching of the press after a diagnosis.

The following signs may indicate tension:

  • pain in the area of ​​the abdominal walls;
  • discomfort in the area of ​​muscles that can contract at the time of stretching or contraction;
  • pain worsening when pressed or touched, when performing bends;
  • muscle spasms;
  • bruising in this area;
  • edema only on the right or left, they indicate the localization of the injury.


The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

The therapy is prescribed by the doctor, the necessary measures depend on a number of factors, primarily on the cause of the damage and the severity of the symptoms, this helps to determine the degree. In any case, the patient needs rest, you cannot expose the injured muscle tissue even to the slightest stress. We do not notice this, but in everyday life we ​​perform many actions that increase the tone of the muscles of the peritoneum. Rest is especially important in the first days after injury.

For moderate to severe severity, it is recommended to apply cold. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 minutes. This can be repeated several times a day. At home, you can take ice or something cold from the freezer, but you should first wrap it in a towel.

To relieve pain, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics are prescribed, in the form of agents for topical use or oral administration. Also, to alleviate the condition, a plaster against stretching the abdominal muscles can be used, its purpose is to fix the muscle tissue in the correct position. But the main component of recovery is rest. You can not lift weights and strain your stomach. After the pain subsides, you need to return to physical activity and daily activities gradually. It is recommended to perform light exercises from exercise therapy, aimed at stretching the muscles.


The main symptoms of abdominal muscle strain

The need to comply with preventive measures concerns everyone. Experts recommend:

  • always warm up before starting the main part of the training program;
  • do not overexert yourself in sports and in everyday life;
  • do not make sudden movements when lifting weights;
  • immediately stop activity if fatigue occurs;
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles with special exercises.

Sprains and ruptures of the abs are serious injuries, but prevention is very simple. It consists in the formation of physical endurance of the body and its individual parts. The unpleasant symptoms of a stretched abdominal muscle and treatment that takes weeks and months is a strong reason for practicing sports from an early age. Athletic and physically developed people are easier to tolerate household loads, they are stronger and more enduring. In addition, to gain physical shape, it is enough just to do basic exercises at home.

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