the most beautiful engagement rings of the stars

Jessica Biel, Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham … the most beautiful engagement rings of the stars

In images, in pictures. – Huge solitaire, vintage-inspired jewel and shower of diamonds: review of the engagement rings of the stars, which are always spectacular.

In diamonds or adorned with colored stones … The engagement rings of personalities vary but have one thing in common: their size. Because personalities from the world of cinema, song or even members of the various European royal courts always display jewels that do not go unnoticed. And love large pebbles (diamonds) shining and catching the eye.

The most spectacular engagement rings of the stars

The vast majority of personalities fiancées proudly display on their left ring finger an enormous solitaire. A competition for which will have the most carats seemingly raging in Hollywood. And then, there are those who display a unique model, imagined and drawn by their dear and tender, like Anne Hathaway. Regarding the precious stones that compose it, emerald, sapphire, diamonds … all are welcome … as long as it shines brightly.


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