The most beautiful Indian brides in wedding saree

Thanks to the internet and globalization, most wedding events are similar to each other. Even in countries like China and Japan, brides opt for a white wedding dress. The main difference lies in local customs and traditions, but they may not be visible at first glance. But in India, even the outer side of the wedding is well preserved, so an Indian bride can be immediately distinguished from many others.

If you list all the traditions of Indian wedding and tell their meaning, you get a whole book. Militta cannot afford such a volume, because for us the most important thing is fashion, beauty and style. In addition, many Indian traditions are beyond the understanding of the Western worldview. But we will remember some wedding customs …

Wedding in India – traditions

1. The initiators of the wedding are most often the parents, they are the ones who are looking for the groom for the bride. Then the couple is introduced and, if they like each other, they move on to the wedding preparations. In some cases, the bride’s opinion may not be taken into account, the parents chose the groom, and one cannot argue with this.

2. The wedding date is often determined not by the wishes of the newlyweds, but by the influence of the stars. Horoscopes are drawn up for the bride and groom, which determine the date of the wedding. Along the way, with horoscopes, the couple goes through a whole series of religious rituals.

3. Wedding expenses. If you follow the tradition, the costs of the wedding fall on the shoulders of the bride’s parents.

Wedding saree
Wedding saree

4. Vegetarian table. Meat, fish, and poultry dishes are prohibited. Some go even further and don’t use eggs for their holiday meals.

5. The bride and groom choose their own wedding dresses. The bride’s wedding sari should traditionally be red. Let’s say gold, emerald, blue and pink. Black and white are prohibited. In different regions of India, different types of sarees are worn, inherent in a particular area.

6. Religious rituals. Depending on the place of residence and other characteristics, many religious rituals can be performed at the wedding. Some are funny and beautiful, others are unusual and incomprehensible.

Indian wedding

India is a rich multifaceted country, many nationalities live on its territory, and most importantly, many gods and goddesses. India lives not only in the material world, but in the spiritual world, which extends far beyond the boundaries of our planet.

Religion has a huge impact on people’s lives, and this is reflected in complex and bizarre traditions that are not always easy to follow. Although for the local population, religious customs look quite natural.

In any case, it is thanks to Indian traditions and philosophy that these fabulously beautiful wedding images were formed. A rare bride from the Western world can approach the beauty of a wedding dress to an Indian woman in a wedding sari.

Indian wedding
Wedding saree

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