the most beautiful shades of blond to adopt and our professional advice

Blonding your hair: how to choose your blond when you are brunette or redhead?

You want to opt for brighter hair, but you feel lost in the face of multitude of shades of blond, big trend for summer 2020. To find THE shade that suits you best, Morgane Stephanazzi, hairdressing specialist, gave us some tips to avoid missteps.

Blonding your hair: how to maintain your blond?

“In reality, it is not really us who will choose our blond, but rather the hair that will choose its blonde” explains Morgane Stephanazzi. This speech seems strange to you, doesn’t it? Still, it makes perfect sense. “The hair will discolor in a certain way, whether you are brown or red. The best is not to go too far against its base color ”, continues the specialist. “For a Brown (which has hot pigments) it is therefore preferable to opt for hot blond, golden. For the Red hair, we favor copper blonde or Venetian”.
In summary, exit cold blondes when you are brunette or redhead! Why ? “Because a pigment that is too far from our base skin tone will not last long. Example: a brunette who wants a ash blond takes the risk of seeing his hair “gray” and having to a patina every week.” specifies Morgane Stephanazzi.
Although this is not recommended, it is nevertheless possible to go from a brown to a cold blond, if you absolutely want to adopt a particular style. On the other hand, it will not be synonymous with rest: “This type of change requires very regular and specific maintenance. Having a base light brown, I am now platinum blonde. I must make my roots every 5 weeks and patinas every 5 weeks as well, without counting all the care. ” she continues.


Blonding your hair: how to prepare well for your hairdresser appointment for discoloration?

You’ve taken action and are now showing off your longed-for pretty blonde. But in order for it to stay pretty in the long run, it will take maintain it with appropriate care. “We favor blue shampoos. The blue pigment present in this type of shampoo (as opposed to orange) is excellent for Blond hair since it neutralizes unwanted reflections: yellow and orange. On the other hand, this type of shampoo is not recommended for redheads who have opted for a copper blonde for example, given that in this case orange reflections are precisely sought. ” explains the hairdressing professional.


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