The most exceptional places to celebrate your wedding

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Tent in the English forest, architect’s building in Belgium, facing the sea in Ecuador … The Belief Awards have awarded their prizes to the most spectacular wedding venues around the world, and there is something for everyone .

Why opt for a party room when you can celebrate your wedding in Costa Rican nature, on the shores of Lake Maggiore or in front of a waterfall in Iceland? The Belief Awards, trophies of an association of 22 wedding planners spread over five continents, awarded their trophies from the most spectacular wedding venues around the world. Something to give us the desire for weddings … And beautiful trips.

The most spectacular wedding venues of 2018

La Dolce Vita règne

Fourteen ceremonies were selected by the association, and three of them took place in Italy: the undisputed star of this ranking. They took place on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the north of the transalpine country, in the Aeolian Islands off the Tyrrhenian Sea, and in the region of Puglia, in the south-east of the peninsula.

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France, big absent from the ranking

Iceland, the second most cited region in this selection, literally allows you to get off the beaten track. Two couples celebrated their union in the far North with its breathtaking landscapes. One of them took never-before-seen wedding photos by waterfalls and lakes, while the other took his guests for a hike to the wedding venue, a remote but folk village. Greece, Crete, Spain, England, Belgium, Belize and Costa Rica are also mentioned in this ranking. As for France, it is not one of the lucky ones. There is no doubt that our rich heritage will appear there soon.


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