The most expensive perfume: TOP-7 perfumes for women

Perfume is something that no woman can do without. And that is why the most expensive fragrances in the world are for women. The cost of perfume can depend on the contents, which include rare components, or on the bottle itself, which can even be made of precious stones.

As a rule, various rare components are included in expensive olfactory compositions. Take iris oil, for example: getting a few drops of it takes a lot of time, labor and financial expense. Persistence is also the prerogative of expensive perfumes. It is provided with civet, which is a fixative extracted from the glands of African animals listed in the Red Book.

Of course, packaging also plays an important role. What are the masterpieces of the legendary Rene Lalique – a jeweler who created bottles of crystal, precious stones and metals, and worked with brands such as Hubigant, d’Orsay, Molinard, Guerlain, Coty, Nina Ricci “.

All this together creates a fairly high cost of perfume. We decided to present you a rating of the 7 most expensive fragrances in the world for beautiful ladies.

7th place: “Caron Poivre” by Caron – 1000 US dollars

In the last place of our rating is the perfume from the French brand Caron. They were released back in 1954, but we can safely say that this fragrance will be relevant today. And even in the unisex version, and not just for women. The olfactory pyramid contains a whole bunch of spices and spices, a little harsh, but thought out to the smallest detail. Hot black pepper and sweet red, cloves and cinnamon are perfectly complemented by an abundance of woody notes.

The perfume is poured into crystal bottles, framed along the top edge with white gold dusting. And the bottle itself is packed in a box resembling a spice jar. Which is not surprising given the composition and the main notes of the fragrance. Today, Caron Poivre perfume by Caron is available for purchase for $ 1000 in a 30 ml bottle.

Perfume Caron Poivre

6th place: “Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebe” from “Baccarat” – $ 1700

The next place is taken by the fragrance from the Baccarat brand, which specializes in the production of products from natural rock crystal. In the late 90s, the brand developers decided to release perfume in a bottle of their own production. The name of the fragrance is translated as “The Crown of Thebes” and fully corresponds to the name of this city in Ancient Egypt – the heart of the spice trade. The main audible notes are myrrh and incense, but the smell is not at all “church” and not heavy, it envelops with warmth and comfort.

The bottle, you guessed it, is made of rock crystal, and its design is, well, of course, in the shape of a pyramid! The perfume was released in 1990 and it should be said that it is quite difficult to get it today.

The most expensive perfume for women - TOP-7 perfumes

5th place: “Notorious” by Ralph Lauren – 3540 USD

What is so special about Ralph Lauren ‘Notorious’? The bottle seems to be quite ordinary. It even resembles a man’s perfume: a laconic bottle of white glass in the shape of a rectangle, a black box with imitation of crocodile skin … But inside there is a real explosion of smells. The brand positions these perfumes as evening and suitable for women over 30 years old.

The olfactory pyramid of the scent is composed of fruity and floral notes complemented by warm, enveloping spices. Juicy black currants and fresh bergamot come into play with white peony, herbaceous cosmos, and carnations. And all this is complemented by woody patchouli, pink pepper, orris root and sweet vanilla. Today it is not difficult to buy perfume, but the price “bites” – 3540 dollars per bottle.

The most expensive perfume for women
The most expensive perfume for women

4th place: “Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait” by Chanel – 4200 US dollars

The legendary fragrance from the fashion house Chanel with the laconic name “Chanel No. 5” was released back in 1921. Since then, it has not lost its popularity, because perfumes are rightfully considered “the most feminine in the world” – this is exactly the formulation given by Coco Chanel herself when she ordered the creation of the fragrance from perfumer Ernest Bo. The aroma is floral and quite classic, but does not lose its relevance. The very expensive iris is mixed with violet, jasmine, lily of the valley, and the olfactory pyramid is complemented by notes of ylang-ylang, bergamot, vanilla, musk and patchouli.

The traditional version of this perfume costs roughly $ 100 for 30 milliliters. But the limited edition “Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait” from Chanel in a bottle of as much as 900 milliliters costs $ 4,200. Neither the scent nor the design of the classic parallelepiped bottle is surprising. The price depends on the number of bottles produced, but it is very limited.

3rd place: “Idylle Baccarat Lux Edition” by Guerlain – $ 40,000

The Guerlain brand Idylle is familiar and loved by many. The composition is incredibly feminine, very gentle and romantic, a little sweetish. The fragrance consists of a pure floral bouquet: classic roses, sweet lilies and delicate peonies. Guerlain’s Idylle is perfect for the spring / summer season and is considered a daytime perfume. Both young girls and older ladies can use it.

What is the secret of the cost of 40 thousand dollars per bottle – you ask? It is in the bottle. Its design was developed by the French designer Ora Ito, using not glass, but crystal, covering it with gilding and making the same gilded cap. The bottle has a very interesting shape: it resembles a tear or a drop and is made in warm golden shades, like the contents itself.

2nd place: “Imperial Majesty” by Clive Christian – $ 215,000

The British perfume house Clive Christian has always been distinguished by its aromas – both in compositions and components used, as well as in original and exquisite design of bottles. The same can be said about the perfume called “Imperial Majesty” – this is a real masterpiece, which not everyone can afford. For example, Katie Holmes and Elton John have Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian. By the way, the fragrance is indeed positioned as unisex and belongs to oriental compositions. Despite its apparent simplicity, it consists of 200 rare components.

The bottle plays an important role in the cost of the perfume. First, Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty perfume bottles are only available in 500 milliliters. Secondly, the neck of the bottle is framed with 18-carat gold foil, and a 5-carat diamond is encrusted in the lid. This is a real work of art that will be delivered to you when you buy a Bentley!

1st place: “Golden Delicious” by DKNY – $ 1,000,000

But the most expensive perfumes in the world are not rare, but very popular ones. They can be easily bought at any perfume shop at an affordable cost, about $ 40-50. The usual version, of course. We are talking about the world famous and beloved by millions of women and girls perfume “Golden Delicious” by DKNY. Fruity notes of red apple, juicy plum and fresh orange are successfully combined with floral notes – rose, lily of the valley, orchid and white lily. The scent is complemented by musk, sandalwood and teak.

What could be so expensive and worth a million dollars? The bottle, of course! In 2011, DKNY decided to dress its popular Golden Delicious fragrance in precious garments. The bottle remained the same traditional round apple-shaped bottle, but it was adorned with 2909 precious stones, simulating the panorama of New York skyscrapers. More than 1,500 hours were spent on the inlay, and the jeweler Martin Katz was involved in the work. There is only one bottle in the world, it was made with the aim of donating the proceeds to a charitable foundation to fight hunger.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

The most expensive perfume for women
The most expensive perfume for women

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