The most fashionable blouses of 2020

The trendy focus this summer is five bold and very feminine blouse options that, like a plain white shirt, go well with anything. They can be worn with jeans and hippie skirts in the city or over your favorite swimsuit at the beach or summer cottage. Fashionable blouses of 2020, although versatile, are absolutely not boring. Take, for example, models with playful ties or romantic wrap-around blouses that can be worn in several ways at once – wrapped around the waist or simply tied in one knot. We tell you in detail about all the fashionable finds of the season.

On the strings

Delicate bows instead of buttons – what could be better for the summer season. These blouses delicately expose the abs and look great with shorts and high-waist jeans. Look for the most suitable options in the collections of Maison Cléo, Clube Bossa and J.Kim.

With smell

The perfect pair of palazzo pants. Having tied in two turns at the waist and complementing the image with a laconic necklace, as Emily Syndlev does, you will get a great option for going out. The title of party queen is guaranteed to you. It is also ideal for girls with large breasts.

Transparent fabric

Even if you are a very modest person, such blouses should not be discounted. They can be thrown over swimsuits, like the Frenchwoman Sabina Sokol, on silk dresses and laconic knitted tops, which are actual this summer. Blouses made of transparent fabric instantly add tenderness and romance to the image.

With puff sleeves

These blouses are the real hits of this summer. However, they have been at the forefront of fashion for at least a couple of seasons. Sleeves can be long, like in the Ganni collections, or elbow length, like Miu Miu. Both variations are a safe investment in a trendy summer wardrobe.


Blouses made of flowing silk under the rays of the scorching sun play beautifully with highlights and softly fit the body. They can be fastened with all the buttons and go to work, observing the dress code, or you can safely leave the lower part open and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on the terrace of your favorite restaurant.

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