The most fashionable party dresses no more than 15 thousand rubles

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To prevent the New Year holidays from creating a hole in your budget and not having to deny yourself a cocktail with friends, we suggest buying one of our selected fashionable dresses worth up to 15 thousand rubles. Silk, sequins, candy wrapped lame fabric – winter parties seem to have been made for shining and extravagant outfits. We found cool dresses in the seasonal collections of Ganni, Rat & Boa, Iro, the young Florentine brand Avavav and other brands. We recommend wearing such mini-dresses with brutal army boots with tractor soles, high boots and sandals, if you plan to move between the holidays exclusively by car. Don’t be afraid to choose an outfit at the last moment and shine!

Federica Tosi, 11643 rubles,

Iro, 14617 rubles,

Essentialtiel antwerp

Ganni, 13,240 rubles,

Iro, 14617 rubles,

Rat & Boa, 11,520 rubles,

Rotate Birger Christensen, 14204 рубля,

Trussardi, 11 767 rubles,

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We Are Kindred, 14730 рублей,

Avavav, 11,965 rubles,

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