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Summer coloring trends 2020 are a celebration of color! The founder of zhuk tells what to choose. studio hair stylist and expert of the show “Reload” on TNT Evgeny Zhuk.


One of the most trendy effects today is glow or glare, as we used to call it in Russia. Its essence is to lighten individual strands, as if you were resting in hot countries and conquering the waves, cutting through on a surfboard. The stylist highlights the curls around the face, the top layer of the hair and the ends and dyes them in lighter shades so that they look slightly sunburned. In this case, the roots remain natural in color, and the hair is lightened exclusively in length, a special pattern is made on them, which emphasizes the density and volume of the hair. Considering that only the strands are colored, the roots grow smoothly and naturally, you don’t have to run to repaint even after six months. To create fashionable highlights, hairdressers use the techniques of shatush, balayage and babylights.

Babylights – This is a more natural soft dawn, when only highlights are present on the hair. Remember how your hair burned out as a child, while we were running on the beach or playing in the yard for days on end? So, this is the most natural effect.

When balayage the pattern of the clarified strands is already visible.

Shatush – dyeing in which the hair very smoothly transitions to bleached at the ends. Burnt-out strands will not be clearly visible here, the hair gently “fade” along the entire length.

True, such techniques are not suitable for owners of fluffy hair. Unfortunately, on such hair, glare looks sloppy. For a glossy transition, a smooth texture is important. Therefore, before creating a fashionable effect, take care of the quality of your hair: do salon treatments and constantly maintain the beauty with homemade masks.

Bright colours

If you have long dreamed of trying the juiciest shades, do it now! When, if not in summer, wear all shades of pink, yellow and blue? This is a great way to try on a bold look, and if you don’t like it, it’s okay too: these paints are washed off in 3-4 weeks. It is better to start acquaintance with bright coloring with pink, yellow or red – these shades are completely washed off from natural strands. But, keep in mind that any dye leaves pigment on the bleached hair. If possible, try on a colored wig in the salon, understand how yours is. And if neon pink adds mood and looks cool, don’t hesitate for a second.

Total blond

For many years, stylists have persuaded blondes to have a natural, smooth transition from roots to ends, so that they do not have to refresh the color too often. This summer is exactly the opposite. The total blond rules the ball and the doll’s cold color from roots to tips is considered fashionable. Feel free to choose the lightest tone in the palette, but be prepared for daily care and frequent root coloring. But rest assured – this is offset by millions of admiring glances and compliments.

Scrub mask for the scalp before shampooing, D-TOX.Super detox, Natura Siberica

Scrub mask for the scalp before shampooing, D-TOX.Super detox, Natura Siberica

Opal effect

This technique cannot be called new, but this summer it is at its peak of popularity. Opal hair resembles expensive pearls, which shimmers with pale blue and pink highlights. True, to get this effect, you will have to lighten the strands as much as possible and create an almost transparent base. That is why opal is more suitable for blondes who need to lighten up just a couple of tones. Brunettes are better off choosing something else: trends will fade away, and hair restoration will take years.

Colored tips

The bright tips that were in vogue a couple of years ago have been replaced by more subdued and subdued tones. Now on the ends it is better to wear red chestnut instead of pink and gray instead of blue. The technique is best manifested on a bob haircut, when two contrasting shades merge into one at a short length. On too long, the effect is lost and it seems that the ends have simply grown. in short, think about the square too!

Splash Light

The complete opposite of highlights, which advocate naturalness and naturalness. The Splash Light technique involves applying a wide, light streak horizontally right down the middle of the length. No, it doesn’t look too sharp, the stylist will make a smooth transition, but so that the contrast is noticeable. Try Splash Light if you’re looking for something totally new and trendy. This versatile color is suitable for any hair shade: whether you are red, blonde or brunette. The main thing is to choose the right tone in which your strands usually fade.

Fashionable redhead

Redhead is always associated with sun and fire. Someone sees in him a childish carelessness, and someone the fatal character of the owner. Whatever it is, this shade breaks into summer trends and has every chance to hold out with us all autumn. The actual redhead for this summer is a muted red, something between chestnut and burgundy. It looks noble, expensive and very natural! The main thing is not going to orange or bright red. However, this is the concern of your stylist, just show him a photo from our selection and enjoy the effect.

 Conditioner purple tinted Violet Blond Shine, Tresemme, 248 rubles

Conditioner purple tinted Violet Blond Shine, Tresemme, 248 rubles

Colored hair care

Even the most gentle coloring is stress for the hair. To dye strands less often, you need to properly care for your hair, maintain color, nourish and moisturize. Here are some guidelines to help you keep color and budget:

  • Use a tinted shampoo. It will maintain the original effect, save hair from losing shine and color saturation. It is best to use products of the same brand as your dye;
  • Dyed hair is always more porous than natural hair. And if before you did masks once a week, now you need to do it 2 times more often. this will help preserve moisture and elasticity of the curls;
  • No natural oils. They contain natural pigments and dyes that easily penetrate into the hair structure and settle there, changing hair color;
  • But silicones and unnatural oils should become a must after each hair wash. These products will eliminate the appearance of a section and give the hair smoothness;
  • If you dyed your hair blonde, be sure to use products with purple pigment: be it shampoo, conditioner or mask. It will help maintain a cool shade and will not allow the color to go yellow;
  • Minimize heat exposure with a hot air jet, curling iron or iron. Any heat can change the shade of the dye.

When it comes to trends, don’t follow them blindly. For example, no color wash or discoloration is worth the fashion effect. Beautiful hair is healthy hair.


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