The Most Luxurious Medium Hair Styles You Can Do on Your Own

Owners of medium-length hair are incredibly lucky, because it is on such a head of hair that they get the most beautiful, but at the same time fairly easy styling, available even at home. If your hair reaches your shoulders or is slightly longer, and you are looking for just such hairstyles, then our article will be incredibly useful and informative for you.

Below we have compiled a small list of luxurious styling that you can easily do yourself. Take note of them and bring them to life sooner.

  1. French bunch
  2. Greek hairstyle
  3. Hollywood curls

French bunch

We’ll start with an incredibly stylish and elegant hairstyle called the French bun. This styling is known to many as a “shell”, but the technique of its implementation does not change from this. This hairstyle for medium hair length from the side may seem too strict, but it is easy to fix, it is enough to give the styling a slight mess and decorate with a beautiful brooch or hairpin.

So, to make a French bun, first comb your hair and do a light comb at the back of your head. After that, collect your hair in a ponytail and comb it smoothly so that the ends do not stick out on the sides. Then twist the hair into a tourniquet and make a loop out of it. Hide the end of the harness inside and secure it with invisible ones. Press the main shock to the head and fix it with hairpins – the bundle is ready! Now free up a few strands at the temples for a casual styling and decorate with a hair ornament.

Greek hairstyle

Lovers of romantic looks will definitely appreciate the Greek style hairstyle. It is incredibly simple to perform, but at the same time it looks luxurious and original. Plus the Greek hairstyle and its versatility, it is suitable both for a business meeting, and for gatherings with friends or going on a romantic date.

To create it, you will need an elastic band on your head and some invisibility. First, comb your hair and apply mousse to it for a better hold. Then put a bandage over your head and slightly pull the hair at the back of your head, adding volume. After that, separate one strand of fluffy hair at the back of the head and gently wrap the bandage with them, pulling the curls through the top. When all the hair is collected, secure the ends of the hair with invisibility and hide them in the resulting “basket”. The final step is to lightly fluff your hair for a stylish casualness.

Hollywood curls

To close our list of luxurious styling for medium hair, we want the most popular and beloved among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. We are talking about curls – a very light, but effective hairstyle. As you know, all ingenious is simple, and there is probably nothing simpler than curls. There are many types and techniques of this styling, and each of them is good in its own way, but today we want to pay attention to modern trends, namely the retro style, which includes Hollywood curls.

This styling can be done in different ways, using a curling iron, curlers, styler, invisible, etc. We decided to stick with the quick and classic version – the curling iron. First wash, dry thoroughly and heat-protect your hair. Then divide the hair into the parting you need and begin to separate the strands from the main shock (attention, the thicker the strands of hair, the more voluminous the waves will be). Now take a curling iron and clamp the separated hair at the root zone with it. Wrap the free end of the strand around the curling iron and wait 10-15 seconds. After all your hair is curled, comb it with a sparse-toothed comb so that the mop is light in one “wave”. The final touch is fixation with varnish. Everything, now you are ready to shine and amaze others with your beauty.


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