The most noticeable trends for fall-winter 2020-2021: photo, review, images

New items of women’s clothing fall-winter 2020-2021. Photos of trends, fashionable images.

In the top of the most noticeable trends of the fall-winter 2020-2021 season, you can safely include not only long gloves and masks (in connection with the coronavirus), but accent collars, trousers with slits, vests of different lengths, corsets. What else? We are looking at a photo selection about the trends and trends in clothes that were presented at the fashion sites of fashion weeks. This will help you buy actual things and wear them for more than one season.

Trends 2020-2021 in photo

Trends for masks and gloves winter-autumn 2020-2021

Trends 2020

Massive chains

Large chains (90s style) are the most visible trend of 2020. They decorate not only accessories, shoes, but also things. Such an unusual decor can look quite defiant in relation to your image, become a memorable and original note. Moreover, the more massive the chain, the better. For inspiration, check out belts and chain bags (Bottega Veneta), chunky link necklaces and bracelets (Alexander McQueen, Chanel).

Fall-winter 2020-2021 trend - chains

Neck chain trend

Chanel - the trend for massive chains

Glasses on a chain - trend

Jackets with an accentuated waistline

In the new season, according to designers’ photo reports, oversized models and elegant fitted silhouettes remain in trend. Alternatively, a chain on the belt, a long sash or a not very thin belt will help to highlight the waist, which is relevant since last season. In a word, jackets are an indispensable wardrobe item for autumn and winter. And also designers advise to experiment with styles and materials (Balmain), do not tuck sleeves and wear jackets wide open.

Fashionable jackets and blazers 2019-2020

Hermes Fashion Jackets
Nina Ricci 2020-2021
Givenchy Play Summer Vibrations Paris

Fashionable jackets and blazers fall-winter 2021

Chanel jacket trend

Slits and cutouts on clothes

Both deep and ultra-deep cuts and cutouts are recognized as the trend of 2020. Among the most relevant novelties are trousers, dresses, skirts with slits to the thigh, cutouts on clothes in the form of geometric shapes and patterns. All of these models allow you to emphasize the uniqueness of each girl, add a touch of sensuality to a fashionable look.

Valentino 2021-2020

Fashion Turtleneck Cutouts

Clothes slits

Baseball and Panama hats trend

If you have already managed to acquire such accessories, you can safely extend their life in autumn and winter. They are still in the top list of the most fashionable hats, fashionable girls like them. For example, a stylish tandem can work out in a duet with a dress, sports and warm clothes.

lacoste caps

Maria Gambina Panama Hat and Cap Look

Caps and panamas trend 2021

Fashion print cage

According to the results of Fashion Weeks, one can safely select a checkered pattern from the current autumn-winter trends. It is traditionally associated with the Chanel aesthetics, while the classics are associated with elegant, restrained images. But, in the coming season, a combination of two different types of cells is ultra popular, images in style sportsman (Lacoste), shirt-cut clothing and vests with this print. And also a strict office cage and red combined with black (Saint Laurent).

Lacoste fashion plaid

Fashionable cell photo street style

Balmain trend cell


Wearing fashionable vests in our weather conditions can be at least the entire cool season. After all, it is they who are suitable for the office, they can be an excellent addition to the everyday look. Because you can afford not only laconic minimalism, but also bright experiments. Let’s say street style heroines pose with vests, where huge pockets… No less popular are knitted, suit (wear with tie), leather and padded variants with logos.

Trend vests photo 2021

Vests fashion 2020-2021

Fashionable suit vest

Leather and latex items

Things made from these materials have returned to modern fashion in all possible ways: latex bodysuit, coat, leggings, skirts, hats. Moreover, they again walked the catwalks of Fendi, Balmain, Hermes, Valentino, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. For example, during the fall-winter period, designers recommend adding colors to a familiar look with outerwear made of bright leather. Alternatively, wear latex leggings (trend) instead of your favorite jeans.

Fashion items made of leather and latex

Street style trends

Bella Hadid fashion leather jacket

Fashion cardigans

You can’t do without a cardigan or a warm sweater in winter. Contrasting color block models, with prints and monophonic ones are in fashion. Designers recommend experimenting with lengths and styles. Themed fantasies have been seen at Balmain and many others. For example, black cardigans with chunky knit are worth a look at Dolce & Gabbana.

Fashion Cardigans & Sweaters

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Cardigans
Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Cardigans

Images with a fashionable cardigan

Bright cardigan trend fall-winter

Coats and fur coats

Long coats of black or other basic color again become the focus of attention of all fashionistas. Oversized, as well as a women’s coat in masculine style, elongated coat-robe. And alternatively – image… A fashionable solution in autumn and winter will be styles with a fit, a strong emphasis on the waist. Here you can pay attention to the details: puff sleeves (Fendi), contrasting lapels, unusual cuts or decor, for example, fringe (trend). If your choice is a fur coat, then long models in milk and chocolate shades will look very impressive and in a new way, with fluffy fur.

Fashionable fur coats and coats 2019-2020

Max Mara coat
Max Mara
Fashionable fur coats 2020-2021
Max Mara

Puffy hooded coats

Balmain Fashionable Black Coats

Fashionable outerwear 2020-2021

Fashionable images winter 2020-2021

Fashion 2020

Trend – platform shoes

And separately, of course, it is worth paying attention to fashionable shoes. Models on a brutal platform (ankle boots, boots, boots) stand out from the general row, such shoes not only attract attention, but are also practical. The real trend is fall-winter 2020-2021. Able to perfectly complement almost any look with a feminine flying dress and jeans. Read about fashionable shoes here too.

Platform shoes
Dolce & Gabbana

Fashionable footwear autumn-winter

Platform shoes

Prada Shoes

Long Black Coat and Brutal Boots looks

Trendy platform shoes

Look with fashionable shoes

Fashionable autumn boots

New items in women's clothing 2020-2021

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