The most top manicure shades for fall 2020

Autumn manicure is usually associated with rather dark and sometimes even dull shades. But this is definitely not about Fall 2020! Indeed, this year, according to the Pantone Color Institute, bright and saturated colors are in fashion. And not only they, but also very light and frivolous, which cannot be called autumn. decided to tell you about the most important color trends in the nail industry for fall 2020.


Well, where are we without red classics on our nails?! .. The abundance of shades of red will definitely be in trend for fall 2020. If you value classics and restraint, a red manicure will be the most suitable for you. In addition, the color red comes in many shades that can be matched to the color of the skin on the hands, the chosen clothing or accessories, the shade of lipstick or jewelry.

Try the dark, rich shade Samba this year, for example, or the lighter coral scarlet. More recently, we talked about red nails: here’s a complete guide to color, design, and decor of nails in red.


Yellow is considered not quite traditional for autumn, at least when it comes to light lemon or sunny yellow. In this color nails are painted mainly in the summer or during the holidays. But you can also choose yellow colors for autumn. These are the usual shades of falling foliage, saturated mustard colors, as well as lemon tones with a greenish tint.

For example, the fashionable color Green Sheen, quite light and delicate, will look great on hands that are tanned after summer. A yellow manicure may not be uniform for all fingers, but with a mixture of shades from light to dark. Yellow can be combined with gray, chocolate and green.

Amber orange

Along with yellow shades, oranges will also be an excellent option for autumn. If in the spring-summer season the “tiger” orange color prevailed on the catwalks, quite bright and catchy, which was called Orange Tiger, then in the autumn-winter season Amber Glow became more preferable. It is a luxurious and very noble deep amber-orange color. And it is quite suitable for nail design, especially if combined with accessories, shoes and jewelry in the same shade. Do not be afraid of brightness, because in the gray autumn at least our marigolds should warm with color!


The already slightly boring beige nude tones were replaced by a new nude – a light milky tone. The peculiarity of milk manicure is translucency. That is, there is no longer any need to use dense enamel textures of varnishes and gel varnishes.

Milky shades may well be delicate and transparent with a barely noticeable whiteness, like a base under a jacket. But it is not at all necessary to draw a jacket; it is enough to cover the nail in several layers with milk varnish. It’s good if the texture is with a fine glitter or pearlescent sheen.

Purple violet

Another top color for the fall / winter 2020 season is Magenta Purple. It resembles ripe grapes, but even brighter, with a hint of pink fuchsia. A rich magenta can be completely self-sufficient without requiring any additional nail decor. But at the same time, the royal purple will not spoil the stones and rhinestones, if you execute one finger with this design. Make sure that the stones are completely transparent or match in color with varnish or the jewelry that you wear on your hands (rings and bracelets).


Chocolate color is one of the most “autumnal” ones. Manicurists claim that beautiful brown and deep chocolate shades are incredibly popular with the onset of the first cold weather. At the same time, chocolate on the nails can be either bitter and almost black, or lighter milky, a shade of mocha or cocoa.

An interesting point: you can draw a bar of chocolate on your nails or make a volumetric design using this technique. Discreet brown shades will not be conspicuous, but such nail art will add zest.

Sand gray

One of the most relevant and fashionable shades of 2020 is gray. But if for spring and summer it was proposed to use a cold gray color with a blue undertone, then for autumn we suggest taking a beautiful sandy, slightly warmer one.

Gray, along with black and white, is considered achromatic, that is, it will be combined with any other shades of the spectrum. Therefore, you can safely paint your nails in several different colors, one of which will be sand-gray, or use this shade for drawings and patterns.

Gold glitter and foil

Varnishes and gel varnishes with glitter are quite a bold decision. They are proposed to be used for decoration and patterns, as well as only for individual nails, combining with other, more neutral and non-shiny shades. But if we are talking about autumn 2020, then the golden color will be as relevant as possible. Feel free to paint the entire nail plate with it and even all 10 fingers!

You can also use gold foil as a decor, if you are not planning a total gold manicure. Don’t forget that the shade of gold should match the jewelry you are wearing.

Black Milky Way

Black varnish is also a classic. It has long ceased to look gloomy and “gothic”. Quite the opposite: today, black is a tribute to elegance, accuracy and restraint. Tired of plain enamel black? Take advantage of the novelty for the fall 2020 season – the black “milky way”. It is the same black color, but with a barely noticeable fine glitter. Glitter in the texture of the varnish should not be large and sparkling at all, but muted and really reminiscent of a small scattering of Milky Way stars in the night sky.

Denim blue

Our rating ends with blue – where are we without it in 2020 ?! After all, this is the main color of the year, regardless of the season. But in autumn, you can use not only its light and bright shades, but also more muted, interspersed with gray. The blue “denim” color looks great, without the excessive brightness of the electrician. It is more basic and casual than festive and solemn.

If some things in your wardrobe will be combined with it, it will look very elegant and organic. And in any case, you can always wear your favorite jeans with a blue “denim” manicure.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva


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