The right image for women over 40: what is important to consider?

What is image? It is not only a well “put together” image: clothes, hair or makeup. It is a combination of all the factors that create an impression on others. And if 20-year-old girls only need to look good, at the age of 40 they need intelligence, charm, charisma. There is no place for cardinal experiments with appearance, as in youth. A balanced image, an established style, and the ability to look beautiful are considered ideal here. Militta tells what you need to consider when composing an image and thinking over your own style at the age of 40.

image for women over 40

Ask for help from a stylist image maker

Often after 40, leaving the comfort zone for a woman is a stressful situation. This applies not only to relationships, social circle, career, but also to your own style. A universal boring haircut, no makeup, a suit of the same style as 5-7 years ago … As a result, even a business lady risks looking like a real “aunt” with such established (and often outdated) beliefs. But what about fashion, trends, current trends? We are afraid to experiment because we do not know what the result will be.

But radical experiments are not necessary: ​​you should not dye your hair purple, as it was at 20. You can just ask for help from a stylist and image maker, and he will help you transform. Often, such experts literally open their eyes to things that you would never have looked at. Are you used to wearing gray and blue tones? But just look how good you are in this orange blouse! But in a store you would never have looked at such a thing.

Stylist help

Many people think that the services of a stylist are fabulously expensive, and that even more will have to be spent on a new wardrobe that he selects. But in many cases, if you can afford the advice of an image maker, it will return a hundredfold. After all, you can pick up a basic wardrobe from a minimum of things that will go well with each other.

Today, there are also an incredible number of YouTube vlogs dedicated to smart styling, photo tips on Instagram and other social networks – use it, it’s completely free! Or read our tips below: we asked them just such stylists and image makers. What should be taken into account without fail, composing images and forming their own style and image, for women after 40 years.

Style after 40 years

1. Make a smart basic wardrobe

This is what we mentioned above. Competently selected things will only allow you to save money on buying more and more new ones. After all, many have a problem that the closet is bursting with clothes, and there is literally nothing to put on! This blouse cannot be combined with any skirt, but you cannot match a jacket or a jumper to those trousers. Do you need such lonely things in your wardrobe? We are sure not.

Determine what items you wear most often – they will define the base of your wardrobe. Now think about what you can pick up for them if you plan to go shopping. For example, a gray, white or nude turtleneck will work equally well with a business suit or jeans. But this sand trench coat looks great with a dress and heels, and with white platform sneakers. And so on: things should be universal, then you will be able to create different images with them, and you will never look boring.

Style after 40 years

2. Determine the optimal color scheme

Surely you already perfectly know your color type of appearance and know what shades in clothes suit you. Given this color scheme, you can determine which items in the store should be immediately noticed. But don’t be afraid to experiment either. Often, getting used to the same shades in the wardrobe, we stop noticing other colors, and we may not even guess that one of them is perfect!

But with age, the appearance changes: the skin becomes paler and dull, flaws appear more strongly (age spots, dark circles under the eyes, etc.). Therefore, after 40 years, you need to avoid faded shades, which will fade even more. Black will become your # 1 enemy, especially when it comes to monochrome. Be sure to dilute a black dress for an evening out with bright details. For everyday looks, try to use only one black element: a black skirt or pants – with a light top, etc.

Choosing a new image
Choosing a new image

Don’t be afraid to try bright colors – at least try on such a thing in the store. These, of course, should not be the flashy neon colors from the set of markers. But you can safely replace black with deep blue, bottle green, burgundy, purple, chocolate, graphite. Try other colors: classic red, aquamarine blue, foliage, mustard yellow, amber orange, pastel shades.

3. Choose only quality items

Believe me, quality does not mean expensive. Yes, as a rule, a good thing, perfectly tailored, made from natural wool, for example, will never be cheap. In some cases, it is worth investing in such a purchase, and it will serve you for more than one season. And it will also be a proof of your style and status. After all, at the age of 40 it will hardly be possible to afford a bright T-shirt from the layout in the nearest market.

But quality basic items can be inexpensive as well. Look for them in the collections of European mass-market brands. You can cheat and buy clothes from past seasons at great discounts, and beat them in accordance with today’s trends. You can sew things to order. In any case, you need to pay special attention to the cut: the clothes must fit perfectly on you. The quality of the fabric is also important: before buying, study the labels and check the composition.

Image for women 40 years old

4. Pay attention to accessories

Speaking of quality, one cannot fail to mention shoes and bags. You can buy cheap basic items, but it’s definitely worth investing in nice shoes and a nice bag. Do you want expensive things to serve you for a long time? Go for classic shoes and handbags, such as the timeless tote bag. Try to choose colors that match many of your wardrobe items.

fashionable accessories

And you can diversify everyday images with various scarves, shawls, headdresses. As for jewelry, you can wear both jewelry and costume jewelry. Today, quite bright and massive jewelry is in fashion, with which you can diversify the look. Fashionable jewelry is just those details of the image that do not require large investments.

Image for women 40 years old

5. Hair and makeup

And finally, about two other most important components of an ideal image and style – hairstyle and makeup. No matter what beautiful dress you wear, inexpressive hair color, “aunt’s” haircut and lack of makeup will bring all your efforts to nothing.

Choose the right hair color for yourself: today you can use a variety of dyeing techniques that will allow you to lose age. Get a haircut or a hairstyle, and it doesn’t matter how long your hair will be at the same time – to the waist or “under the boy”.

Style secrets for women over 40: create the perfect image

Finally, make-up – without it, after 40, nowhere, even for bread! It does not have to be complex and bright: it is enough to even out the complexion with tonal means and blush, to emphasize the line of the eyebrows, to make up the eyelashes with mascara, and lips – with natural lipstick.

The image and the whole image are made up of the smallest details, none of which should be overlooked. Only then will you look stylish and status at any age!

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

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