The spoils of autumn-winter 2020/2021

In recent months, Hailey Bieber, has given us many master lessons in style. Since the best looks to be at home during confinement –Based on mastery to show off a tracksuit and your prettiest knit ensembles– to the summer looks in which he recovers the trick that we all wore in adolescence to style the legs: combine the jorts with some high heels. When it comes to trends, Hailey Baldwin (sorry, Bieber) is always one step ahead.

In her latest look, photographed in Hollywood, the Arizona-born model confirmed one of the most anticipated trends for autumn-winter 2020/2021: the ankle boots that will be in fashion in the coming months. Although it seems that there is not much news, since square toe ankle boots They have already sneaked into last year’s trends with firms such as Balenciaga and this summer in its summer version – known as sandals Square Toes-, his look makes you want to park all the flip flops and get on this trend as soon as possible.

Hailey Bieber bet on some jorts –Or what is the same, some vaqueros shorts-, a knitted bra, a green linen blazer, Jacquemus, and a small yellow bag of Prada. To all this he added some ankle boots in camel color of half round. These pieces, all put together, make our nostalgia for boots and warm clothes go growing. Yes, although it seems impossible.

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