The story of Elizabeth Taylor’s yellow wedding dress

The love story between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton began in 1962 on the set of Joseph Mankiewicz’s cult film Cleopatra. She is the beautiful queen of Egypt, he is the great ruler of Rome. In real life, both have unsuccessful marriages behind them, which did not prevent them from falling in love with each other with great force. And even twice.

The first wedding ceremony took place on March 15, 1964 in Montreal. Despite the importance of the event, Elizabeth chose the festive dress not at all white, but in the colors of a spring daffodil. It was created by Ray Dieffen based on sketches by Irene Sharaff, the same Hollywood designer who worked on the costumes for Cleopatra. The organza doll dress is reminiscent of Cristobal Balenciaga’s 1950s collection with a wide neckline, ties on the sleeves and a loose silhouette. The only adornment is a Bvlgari brooch with an emerald surrounded by diamonds – a gift from the groom. Instead of a veil and veil, real hyacinths and lilies were woven into Elizabeth’s hair.

Ten years later, the star couple divorces, and the next year, in 1975, they hold a secret second wedding in Botswana. This time the bride’s dress is flowing to the floor, the color of ripe grass. And in the hair there are still fresh flowers. The second marriage lasted only a year, and many years later, both wedding looks will be sold at Christie’s in New York as part of Elizabeth Taylor’s impressive clothing collection.

Elizabeth Taylor Collection, 2011


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