The system of zigzags in the diet of extra pounds

Adaptation is a game that a person plays from his very birth in order to survive. When you purposefully take on too much, set a rigid schedule for many hours of training and cut your diet to the maximum, then your body does not even suspect that you are doing this on purpose and for a specific purpose, and simply exhausts from stress. Therefore, the body begins to adapt in order to survive at any cost and with minimal losses. The weight “rises”, and, no matter how little you eat, the arrow on the scales will not move from dead center. One way to change this is with the Zigzag diet.

What is this diet?

It is also called the Calorie-Protein Rotation. The essence of the zigzag system in nutrition is to reduce calorie intake as much as possible in the first 4 days. Then, on the fifth day, on the contrary, to eat food rich in carbohydrates, this day is called “carbohydrate loading”. On the sixth and seventh days, the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be rational and calculated based on your weight (approximately 2 g of protein, 0.8 g of fat and 4 g of carbohydrates per 1 kilogram of weight). A new cycle of the Zigzag diet begins with the new week.

Why follow the Zigzag system?

A zigzag diet can be a great tool to stimulate your body to lose weight. In this diet, you need to clearly understand how many calories you need for normal functioning. You can work in an office and not play sports, then your rate for weight loss is approximately 1500-1600 Kcal per day. But you can also be a passionate athlete who burns a ton of calories every day in your workout, so that the calorie limit will be appropriate for normal life. To calculate your calorie intake, you can use a special online calculator.

Once you start practicing the Zigzag diet, your body will tell you that it was a good decision. The results from training will be much more noticeable on the scales. The extra pounds will begin to melt, because the body will not feel that it needs to hold on to every drop of fat with all its might, just to survive. Such is the mechanism developed in the process of evolution.

Why is a zigzag diet better than others?

Unlike other diets, “Zigzag” does not force you to starve for weeks, drink water and eat only apples. After all, such methods of losing weight are completely ineffective, and the lost kilograms will return back in the blink of an eye, and hormonal disruption may also occur. With the “Zigzag” food system, you eat a variety of dishes every day that you do not get bored, thereby exposing yourself to a lower level of physical and emotional stress.

So, with the help of the “Zigzag” system, you can eat and lose weight! It sounds amazing, but there are many live examples that prove that this technique really works. And having a varied meal plan that you can create yourself is a huge plus!

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