The tie, still in the neck



The elegant continue to turn to the tie to accessorise an outfit.

The back will it be the return of the tie? When we talk to Nicolas, the manager of heritage, the thirty-year-old lyon says not to wear it only rarely, with clients very formal or big occasions. “The costume is mandatory, he says, not the tie, which can be perceived as conventional and create a distance.” Months of confinement and telework, without a dress code, have comforted in its analysis.On his return, he will wear the shirt collar open.

This is not the case of the stylish, often in search of fancy, continue to turn to the tie to accessorise an outfit. Hermes, a reference in the field, offers hundreds of more or less extravagant. The catwalks of the fashion shows put also to the spotlight. At Prada, as a nod to the meetings on Zoom, it is worn over a white shirt tucked into a pants-like bottoms. Louis Vuitton suggests rather the tone-on-tone, borrowing patterns and colors on the shirts that it accompanies.

health crisis prohibits all boldness? In Drake’s, in Savile Row, the original models attractive. Benjamin Glyn Philips, manager of the shop, the says: their best-selling book of the moment is cut from a cloth of ochre decorated with giraffes.


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