The top care to protect and repair your hair in summer

Heat, UV rays, humidity, salt, chlorine, sand … So many factors that can damage the hair during our vacation in the sun. Here is our selection of the best hair products to take care of your hair this summer.

In the summer, our hair is put to the test. For prevent drying out of the hair fiber due to the sun and preserve the vitality of our hair, it is important to strengthen your beauty routine with suitable protective and repairing products.

How to protect your hair in summer?

The harmful UV rays from the sun, chlorine from the swimming pool, sand or humidity impact the quality of our hair and can make it drier, dehydrated, or even brittle. Colored or streaked heads should be extra careful as the sun can dull the color and shine of the hair. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do with effective products to maintain your hair while on vacation in the sun.

  • Hair oil or spray : Ideal for protecting hair during and after sun exposure, it acts as a shield against bad UV rays while hydrating the hair fiber. It also helps prevent frizz and flyaways due to humidity. The ingredients to favor? Vegetable oils (coconut, monoi, argan …). Some more expert products even have a little not insignificant SPF protection.
  • After-sun shampoo : This is the step not to zap to get rid of all the impurities and residues that prevent the scalp from breathing and damage the lengths (such as salt, chlorine, perspiration or the remains of hair oils). They can be used after each day of swimming. To properly detangle and rehydrate the hair, it is advisable to then apply a conditioner from the same range.
  • The after-sun mask : Once a week, more intense treatment is essential to repair and deeply nourish the lengths. The hair mask brings them softness, radiance and comfort after several days of exposure to the sun.

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