The top sports programs to get back in shape this summer 2020

Lose a few pounds, sculpt your body, refine your silhouette … According to her goal, these workouts created by sports coaches help you get back in shape to be comfortable in your bikini this summer. Ready for the challenge?

A wave “body-positive“has swept over sports programs this summer. There is no longer any question of starving yourself by dieting or exhausting yourself by following overly ambitious and guilty sports classes. After this long period of confinement, these trainings propose to get back in shape by following your own rhythm for get your body back in hand before the summer vacation. Books, videos, e-book, mobile application, connected accessory … It’s up to everyone to choose the format that suits them to find the silhouette of their dreams and a good dose of self-confidence.

Last summer, more than 5,500 women took part in the coach’s fitness and wellness program. Lucile Woodward. A success that can be explained as much by the effectiveness of his method as by his benevolence, as opposed to unrealistic and demotivating training. Sport, diet, mental coaching: this complete 8-week program allows you toadopt a healthy lifestyle gradually and to resume good habits over the long term. Playful and varied, 14 video sports sessions (ranging from muscle building, to aerobic dance, through cardio) are inspired by the pop and colorful world of fitness of the 1990s. The objective is to combine them with the balanced (but gourmet) menus developed by a dietician-nutritionist and Lucile’s 40 seasonal recipes for lose weight without frustration.

“Body By Lucile Summer 2020: Toning objective” by Lucile Woodward, € 59.90, available on Lucile Woodward’s e-shop.

© SDP Lucile Woodward

Valérie Orsoni, the creator of the famous Bootcamp method returns this summer with a new express program to prepare your “bikini body” in 15 days. This playful book comes in the form of a logbook to follow your daily progress and is full of inspiring mantras to keep you motivated. Even if the challenge is to be accessible to all, the method is quite intense since the goal is to get real results in two weeks. Every day, the coach offers a new fitness session including 14 exercises of 1 minute each that target all muscles. On the nutrition side, Valérie has developed a balanced menu schedule with her healthy recipes to alternate with periods of intermittent fasting. The plus: a secret Facebook group (whose access code is available in the book) brings together the community and offers additional exercises, new menus and a playlist created by Valérie.

Book “Bikini Express” by Valérie Orsoni (Hugo & Cie editions), € 12.95, available at Fnac, on Amazon and in bookstores.

© SDP Éditions Hugo & Cie

After motivating the troops and hurting our buttocks during confinement thanks to her live lessons on Instagram, coach Julie Pujols-Benoit returns with a new box for the summer. The creator of the famous “Pilates Booty” offers a program to slim down and build your body in one month. His method? Regain a taste for sport by practicing a little every day and keep the body awake. Each video lesson lasts about twenty minutes and focuses on a specific part of the body. The session of Pilates works the waist and stomach thanks to a series of hypropressive abs. The session cardio burn calories by letting off steam on rhythmic choreography. Finally, the course of muscle building sculpts glutes, legs and arms intensely. As a bonus, Julie offers us a meditative stretching session to do once a week. In addition to the results that arrive quickly, Julie’s good humor and her catchy playlists are always just as motivating!

Program “Sculpt and refine your silhouette in 1 month” by Julie Pujols Benoît, € 30, available on the Cours de Julie e-shop.

© Julie Pujols Benoit

Once this watch is on the wrist, it’s as if a pocket sports coach followed us all day and observed our daily activity in real time. Travel, exercises, time spent standing or sitting …: everything is analyzed. After defining our sport goal, the watch creates a personalized program for us to stay in shape every day and encourages us with motivating sentences. Running, cycling, brisk walking, dancing, yoga, pilates … Whatever sport you practice, the watch records each of our performances in detail up to our heartbeat and analyze our progress as the days go by. After six months, the program perfects our profile to better guide and advise us in order to exceed our limits. To go further, it is possible to download all kinds of sports mobile applications on the watch (by connecting it to your smartphone), to train with your favorite coaches at your arm’s length. The plus: the “Sharing” function which allows you to challenge yourself with your loved ones.

Apple Watch Series 5, from € 449, available in Apple stores or on the Apple e-shop.

© SDP Apple

Sonia Tlev, sports coach and creator of the famous “Top Body Challenge” comes back with a new sporting challenge centered on the glutes to reduce or even eliminate saddlebags. This program in e-book format (readable on computer, tablet, smartphone or to print) uses the same method that made the success of previous training sessions created by the French influencer with 2 million subscribers. Every day for six weeks, Sonia Tlev offers a intense fitness circuit combining muscle strengthening and cardio, with series particularly targeted on the thighs and buttocks. As a bonus, the program also contains a light menu planning for each meal for two weeks, as well as many healthy recipes. After a month of discipline, the first results begin to be seen. A training reserved for the most daring or for those who adhere to the very enduring classic “Top Body Challenge”.

“Top Body Culotte de cheval” by Sonia Tlev, € 34.90, available on Sonia Tlev’s e-shop

© Top Body Challenge / Sonia Tlev

After making the French sweat during confinement (his live lessons on Instagram exceeded the 60,000 spectators at each screening), Sissy Mua is back with a new sports program to prepare your body before the holidays. The fitness influencer offers an intense two-month challenge, at the rate of three sessions per week to be done in a specific order. His trainings in videos to follow in real time combine fat burning cardio to dry off, boxing to let off steam, of muscle building to sculpt and sessions with a Swiss-Ball for deep sheathing. On the nutrition side, a food guide supervises the training sessions with two months of menus developed by a dietitian, as well as Sissy’s vegetarian and protein recipes. The countdown begins !

© Train Sweat Eat

“Bikini 8 Weeks” by Sissy Mua, from € 8 / month, available on the Train Sweat Eat website and on the Train Sweat Eat mobile app (free to download from the App Store and Google Play)

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