The total white look takes over our wardrobe

After confinement, we start from scratch, a blank page opens to us! And if this translates into our clothes by adopting the total white look thanks to the LuisaViaRoma site.

Lately, we had time to think about our life, to want to change everything and to embark on this new love story that we had not even seen coming. In two months of confinement, we reinvented ourselves and we became a new woman. Like the phoenix rising from its ashes. Our appetite for life has never been stronger. A new page is offered to us. To translate this, some will want strong colors, others will want simplicity … white. For the peace found. The ideal color to accompany us this spring.

Rest assured, white isn’t just for weddings. Outside, we assume it and wear it in total look itself. Hair clips, bags, shoes or pants … white is everywhere. So without further ado we give in to our desire and we fall for the white clothing models spotted on the LuisaViaRoma site.

Variable geometry

Whether for work, dinner or sport, white changes throughout our activities. No need to compromise then. For a chic look at work, go for flared pants with a white t-shirt tucked inside and white heeled sandals. Chic and modern at the same time. We can go further by wearing a maxi white barrette in the hair. Like those of the Dalood brand. In the evening, we exchange our t-shirt for a white blazer with nothing underneath. A glamorous look in no time. We love the crepe blazer from Alexandre Vauthier.

And for those who like to take care of their style even when they play sports, white is also present. For a modern look, we set our sights on white cycling shorts for a retro look at the forefront of fashion. Like the one seen at Unravel. Our inspiration? Lady Diana. For this, we wear our shorts with chunky sneakers and an XXL sweatshirt of the same color.

What about the accessory?

A good look is nothing without a good accessory, so we focus on white for our bag and for hair accessories. Even for the cap. No need for compromise. The trick to awakening a total white look? The golden. For that, we take out our most beautiful jewelry. Or, we choose models of bags with golden details. Subtle but effective. Like us, when we start our new life.

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