The trendiest manicures for summer 2020

Manicure of the summer: the baby boomer

Coming straight from the United States, this manicure technique has been essential in France for several months. The principle ? Create a gradient ranging from pale pink to white, like a revisited French manicure. Exit the thick white line with clear and precise demarcation, the idea is blur this border.

Summer manicure: flashy colors

You don’t like to be discreet? Good news, colorful manicures and nail arts are on the rise. So don’t hesitate to use ocean blue, fuchsia pink or even pumpkin orange to highlight your claws. Some even have the audacity to wear them all at the same time rainbow way… And why not ! A tip all the same: choose these colors on short or medium-length nails for more chic.

Summer manicure: The terrazzo inspiration

The return of terrazzo decoration visibly inspires nail artists. On Instagram and Pinterest, thousands of models sport this dot pattern. In writing, we love it in its colorful version, but also more simply in white and gold.

Summer manicure: the graphic manicure

Thin lines, dotted lines, circles… Let your artistic side express itself on your nails, it’s trendy! And if these graphic nail arts are most often done in black and white, they are now increasingly needed in color. Perfect for sunny days and summer evenings.


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