The trendiest way to wear monokini this summer

Co-founder of the Moscow Wonder Wander Shop Nura Mukhtarova is our ideal of a modern fashionista, whose world is not limited to boring beige frames on Instagram. Nura is not afraid to wear colorful prints and massive jewelry, to combine huge acid T-shirts with jewelry with Hermès accessories … Also it is worth saying thank you to the dark-haired hot beauty for yet another use for the monokini.

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Don’t be in a hurry to get upset because of your vacation in the Maldives, Bora Bora or Capri – you can easily wear a brand new one-piece swimsuit this season as a body. This is exactly what Nura Mukhtarova is already doing with might and main – she combines an acid pink monokini with pink loose trousers, leopard sandals and a vintage Fendi baguette. Hats off to such ingenuity! You can also easily wear a swimsuit with your favorite baggy jeans, colorful cotton sweatpants and even hiparian skirts.

Eres, 39,996 rubles,

Bottega Veneta, 20,837 rubles,

Fisch, 13255 rubles,

Heidi Klein, 19025 rubles,

Hunza G, 10033 rubles,

Jade Swim, 11320 rubles,

Karla Colletto, 14,849 rubles,

Melissa Odabash, 17,260 rubles,

Solid & Striped, 11157 rubles,


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