The trends of the Fashion Accessories of International

Directly from the fashion shows and international brands, today I bring to you the trends of the accessories for the backing. For those items that will make a world of difference in production and will transform your look.Of the items, but the basic to the more colourful, the accessories make all the difference in the look. It is a commitment to the day-to-day events, and going out at night, they are very allied to our own. And the trends of the time, they are:


The correntaria come up with it all on shoes and bags, and leaving them to air more sports, and at the same time, a sophisticated and modern look. Brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have joined the trend of mixing it with basic pieces and also bags.

Vinci Shoes
Steal the Look
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Bag Family Size

The mini bags now give you the space to be able to come because of scholarships, size of the family. One of the trends of the accessories, but for practical day-to-day, of the stock exchanges on the size of the maxi’s are great to carry on any sort of schedule.

Principmente for those who are out for the day or is known to have a number of appointments, this add-on is your best friend, isn’t it? Great to carry everything you need all in one place, and it is also a fashion accessory.

The models of purses are but stripped down and style on the tote, as the brand’s preferred Cut. In the versions of logomania, printed or plain, they all promise to not skimp on the space.

The Neon And Pastel

And, finally, a tendency which is just as much of the accessories of the clothing. First, she once again signs hack into the wardrobe and now he’s coming for a bit but discreetly. Mixed in with pastel colours, now comes in Neon and Pastel.

In tones that remind of a well that has a mixture of vibrant horn with a crayon. The colors of the red, green, or blue are one of the most common to be found, and they are beautiful in any production.

Trend Accessories: pastels, neon

Also liked this trend? What are you going to use or have already kicked in?


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