The well-being of salt lamps

What is a salt lamp?

If they are often referred to by the name “Himalayan salt lamp”, it is important to specify that very often, the salt they are made of does not come from the Himalayas. These salt blocks can be mined in Poland or Pakistan. Each lamp is unique, different in shape, color and intensity. The block is then quite simply hollowed out to be able to have a bulb there. It is then fixed to a support most often made of wood and connected to the sector. We recommend using a low consumption light bulb.

In which room of the house should a salt lamp be installed?

As they are not very bright, the purpose of salt lamps is not to illuminate a room. The ideal is to place it in a dry and well ventilated place, it is indeed possible that a slight condensation forms under the lamp due to humidity. Its very soft light makes it an ideal lamp for additional lighting in a bedroom or living room.

How it works ?

Although they do not present any danger, there are nevertheless few scientific studies in favor of the real effects of salt lamps on health. On the other hand, users say that they have a real influence on their state of stress. They would in any case have a natural ionizing power. The salt crystals emit negative ions, an effect enhanced by the heat generated by the bulb. These negative ions will then counteract the positive ions, naturally present in the atmosphere due to air pollution. The lamp will then have a sanitizing effect, which will be further increased if the lamp remains on permanently. Be careful, however, to avoid overheating, even with a low consumption bulb.

The salt lamp, an ally of meditation?

Salt lamps are a great tool for improving well-being. They give off a pleasant and soft light with a soothing orange hue. In chromotherapy, the orange color is known to promote reconnection between body and mind but also to be an ally against fatigue. For this reason, they can be very useful when a meditation session. They are also often found in sophrology practices or places where yoga is practiced. If their health benefits are not scientifically proven, they still remain an undeniable asset in creating a relaxing living environment.

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