The whole truth about the dangers of dust for pregnant women and children

Household dust is usually found everywhere, especially on floors, but also on bookshelves, cabinets, carpets, furniture. Daily inhalation of dust can lead to extremely negative consequences for the body, therefore dry and wet cleaning plays an important role in the hygiene of the house, especially if a child or a pregnant woman lives in the room. There is no need to accumulate everyday dust indoors in order to clean it up only once a week. Although many people get used to dust in huge quantities, it is wrong and incredibly harmful!

What is house dust made of?

The dust itself is solid particles of organic or mineral origin, ranging in size from a few fractions of a micron to a maximum of 0.1 mm. First of all, it includes the following:

  • particles of dead human skin;
  • pet hair and dander;
  • fragments of feathers from pillows;
  • mold spores;
  • particles of fabrics, paper, sand, nylon, fiberglass;
  • microbes, bacteria, viruses.

Dust particles can absorb virtually any substance on their surface. This also applies to harmful chemical elements, so in seemingly harmless house dust, if you wish, you can find a good half of the periodic table. In addition, dust particles move with the air, carrying billions of microbes in the room.

Where does dust accumulate most?

where is the dust

Fine dust components fly everywhere, especially in sunlight. Scientists from Germany carried out special studies, during which they identified the places in which dust most often accumulates.

There is more dust in houses than in apartments, but the nature of the dust formed outside the city in a private house is natural, but in the city it is more technogenic and, accordingly, hazardous to human health, since such dust can contain substances such as cadmium, lead, copper …

A huge amount of dust can be found on the floor, in particular under the bed, sofa, refrigerator, in other hard-to-reach places, as well as on carpets (door mats are especially dangerous), on cabinet shelves, in textiles (curtains, blankets, bedspreads for sofas and beds) , in children’s soft toys, upholstered furniture, in computers or laptops.

What microorganisms live in house dust?

Dust mite

In ordinary dust, there can be about nine thousand different microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, microbes, mites. Most of the fungi, including mold strains, are present in those houses where pets also live with people.

But dust mites take the lead. They are so microscopic that in a small pinch of dust, you can find about 1000 ticks and 250 thousand of their excrement. At the same time, dust allergy is caused in a person by the excrement of ticks and its symptoms can be expressed in lacrimation, breathing problems, skin rash, and coughing. In some cases, symptoms appear similar to hay fever and bronchial asthma.

Why is house dust dangerous for children and pregnant women?

dust harm for pregnant women and children

First of all, the body of a pregnant woman or child is most weakened. In children, protective immunity is just forming, and a woman in a state of pregnancy, as a rule, suffers from its decrease against the background of a complex restructuring of the body required for bearing a child. Against this background, house dust, especially if there is a lot of it, can become a real problem. What can you face?

  • Allergic reactions from the body, expressed in rash, lacrimation, runny nose, since house dust is just a collection of various allergens. And these allergens are most often associated with the activity of dust mites.
  • A negative effect on the respiratory system, especially if there are pathologies such as chronic bronchitis or asthma.
  • The risk of infection with helminths. It is extremely high in those houses where cats or dogs live. The eggs of the worms can easily get first onto the surface of the hands through house dust, and then into the digestive system, causing parasitic invasion, which in turn is an extremely dangerous condition for pregnant women and children.
  • The risk of infection with E. coli, influenza viruses, salmonella. These pathogens can easily be brought from the street to the home, and they can cause gastrointestinal upset or respiratory disease.

Sometimes when dust accumulates, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes can begin. A person can be treated for a long time, not realizing that the reason for his poor condition is most likely associated with the abundance of house dust in his house or apartment.

How to get rid of house dust?

Of course, it is better to prevent dust accumulation in the room, so keeping the house or apartment clean is important. What will help first? It is imperative to do dry and wet cleaning of the floor at least once a day, since dust often accumulates on floor coverings in large quantities. For these purposes, it is not necessary to carry out long general cleaning or call cleaning companies at home. It is enough to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, which is able to remove most of the dust from floor coverings without your participation.

Not everyone has a desire to vacuum the floors every day, because this is a rather tedious task, so a robot vacuum cleaner will greatly facilitate your work. Periodic cleaning with it will help to cope not only with dust on the floors, but also significantly reduce the amount of flying dust in the room.

Robot vacuum cleaners have many benefits. You will not need to strain physically, because it is enough to set a schedule for the robot, and it will carry out all the tasks related to cleaning the floor for you. The device is great for pregnant women, as there is no need to bend over at a later date. If the family has small children, then the use of a robot vacuum cleaner will significantly reduce the time for cleaning the house and this will help maintain order and cleanliness every day.

An example of a good robotic vacuum cleaner is the Deebot 950 from Ecovacs. Among other things, this vacuum cleaner can carry out both wet and dry cleaning. You do not need to vacuum first and then mop the floors, as this device performs these functions at the same time. The device can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, so it is enough to indicate the cleaning parameters and you can safely take time for yourself and your loved ones.


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