The whole truth about the profession of stylist-image maker

In the west, stylist-image maker is a widespread profession. The services of such specialists are used not only by media persons, but also by almost a third of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Russia is also moving towards this. In recent years, the field of fashion and beauty has been actively developing, so the demand for stylists-image makers is growing.

An image stylist is a specialist who is equally well versed in style and image. To create an image that will help to achieve success, he relies on both the external data of the client and his goals. In addition to the goals, the specialist in his work takes into account: the individuality and characteristics of the client’s character, type of appearance, features of the figure, environment, lifestyle.

A person of any age, profession and status can apply to the services of a stylist-image maker. If he has not created his own style and has not developed the necessary demeanor, but such a task is worth it, it is time to trust a professional assistant. The main thing that is required of the client is readiness for systemic changes. The stylist-image-maker is not only addressed for a complete study of the image. Sometimes a person has a local task – to speak to the public, get an important job, etc. And the specialist works with just such a request, helps to create an image and tactics of behavior at a specific event.

stylist-image maker

To create a complete image of the client, the stylist-image maker acts in the following directions:

  • Appearance parameters: figure and face. Based on this data, clothes, accessories, hairstyle and makeup are selected.
  • Verbalika: vocabulary, tone of voice, intonation.
  • Non-verbal: gestures and facial expressions, posture, posture and gait.
  • The whole environment: home, work, recreation.
  • Creative presentation: Any kind of creativity that the client is engaged in, be it dancing or painting.
  • Sociability.
  • Moral.

7 qualities that clients expect from a stylist-image maker:

  • Impeccable sense of style
  • Attention
  • Patience
  • Tact
  • Listening skills
  • Openness
  • Experience

Pros and cons of the profession:

  • An interesting profession related to creativity
  • Demand
  • Publicity and communication with interesting people
  • The ability to work for yourself
  • High income
  • Constant broadening of horizons
  • Stressful work: you come across “capricious” clients with whom it is difficult to build relationships
  • Irregular schedule
  • Sudden business trips – for example, they may invite you to shop abroad

Where and by whom do image stylists work?

Stylist-image maker is not only an interesting and creative profession, but also quite highly paid. The most important thing is to choose an interesting niche for yourself and start acting.

1. Personal stylist-image maker

This is where a career usually begins. The essence of the work is to provide private consultations regarding the image: the choice of style, the definition of colors and styles. Personal image makers work with the client’s wardrobe: they analyze the things he wears, help to create a new wardrobe. Hairstyle and makeup are also in the focus of image stylists. They create a holistic image that emphasizes the dignity of the appearance and helps the client achieve their goals.

2. Personal shopping

This is joint shopping with a client, creating a style concept, drawing up images, assistance in choosing the right clothes both in your city and traveling with a client abroad.

3. Cool-hunter

Knows everything about fashion, understands styles and modern trends, knows how to make forecasts about trends for several years ahead. These specialists write high-value articles for fashion magazines and advise designers. Their services are very expensive, in Europe the price of one album with future trends is about 5000 Euro. Cool-hunter can combine work as a fashion stylist and a fashion journalist.

4. Fashion stylist

Creates images that appear on magazine covers, advertisements, clips, catalogs, design lookbooks. He participates in the casting of models for shows and filming, helps designers select outfits, creates a concept for presentations of collections. Some fashion stylists are also photographers, hairdressers and / or makeup artists.

5. Business training

Style coach. Conducts trainings, master classes, webinars on style and image. One of the most promising areas is the opening of your own school in style and image.

6. Fashion journalist and / or blogger

He talks about fashion icons, takes interviews from the bottom, covers shows and filming, comes up with advertising texts and scripts for fashion events, creates mailings for design houses and fashion stores. Articles about fashion history, current brands, good style rules – all this is written by a fashion journalist.

7. Fashion editor

Heads the fashion and style departments in magazines. He comes up with themes, selects journalists and photographers, supervises them, negotiates with designers whose clothes appear on the covers. A fashion editor must be well versed in style and trends.

8. Fashion merchandisers

Associated with fashion, style and advertising at the same time. They design shop windows in such a way as to attract as many customers as possible. Clothes are divided into zones in the sales area, trendy images for mannequins are created.

An image stylist can be not only a freelancer or full-time employee, but also open his own business. For those who want more, here are some more business ideas:

  • An educational institution that trains specialists in this field
  • Fashion clothing store
  • Own clothing brand
  • Image agency
  • Photo studio
  • Design studio, etc.

How to become an image stylist?

To become an image stylist, you need desire and talent. The second point can be replaced to some extent by diligence and hard work. Here are the three main steps to success:

  • Choose an educational institution
  • Determine the direction of activity
  • Constantly follow fashion trends and improve qualifications

Where to go to study and what to look for when choosing a school?

1. School team

It is important to choose practicing teachers. Choose like-minded people whose style is closest and most interesting to you. You should not choose a theoretical teacher, because he will not be able to explain the subtleties of communicating with clients and promoting his services on the market.

2. Official site

A company that professionally deals with personal style and image issues should have a well-designed website that is constantly updated with relevant content. Through it, you can track the schedules of courses, master classes, vacancies, news, offers and other events in which the company specializes.

3. Methodology of education

Get the maximum amount of information about the training system. It should suit and please you – it will make it easier and more interesting to work. These can be lectures, seminars, master classes, multi-day trainings, courses and much more.

4. Disciplines and training time

When choosing a school, pay attention to the ratio of price, number of subjects, teaching hours and, of course, reviews.

5. Skills of communication with clients

If the training process does not provide for or minimizes practical training with clients, then you will have to fill in the gaps yourself.

6. Graduates

You can follow the fate of graduates through their work. Choose an institution whose graduates have become successful professionals in the stylistics segment or happily conquer the heights in the business environment.

7. Education document

Depending on the goals you are pursuing, think about what kind of graduation document you need: diploma, certificate. And do you need it at all?

8. Office location

Convenient location and pleasant atmosphere will be a pleasant addition to the assimilation of new knowledge.

The education of a stylist-image-maker offers great career prospects. You will receive the necessary knowledge in courses, and experience in practical classes with renowned colleagues.

Have a nice start!

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