These Instagram accounts to follow to find your ideal engagement ring

Quirky solitaires, diamonds with unusual cuts, ethical frames or highly creative minimalism. An overview of our favorite Instagram accounts to browse regularly to keep your inspirational moodboard up to date.

Previously reserved for classic poster campaigns, inspired snaps have become a must-have for jewelry designers, even more so in the bridal. The goal? Capture the diffuse attention of future customers who no longer hesitate to refer in the first place to the aesthetics of an Instagram account, even before going to the brand’s website.

The 20 Instagram accounts to follow

A constraint that the young jeweler has been able to turn perfectly to its advantage by first thinking of combining a stroke of genius and a worn visual, even before launching into production. In this game, some stand out for the delicacy of their rings, perfectly coupled with an ultramodern vision. Sansoeurs, Courbet, KatKim, Completedworks, Sarah Appleton, Ina Beissner, Sophie Bille Brahe … Take a trip around the world to find the right bridal idea at your fingertips.


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